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   Chapter 853 Two Billion

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Queenie got off the car and immediately started to walk towards the villa. However, after a few steps, she was stopped by the guard at the entrance gate.

"I'm sorry, Miss. Please show me any proof of identity. I need to get an approval before I let you in," the guard stated flatly.

Generally, other than uninvited guests, the entrance guards would be informed in advance if there were guests visiting.

Of course, those who were close to Linda and Charles, like Bun, Brian and Anna could enter the villa freely. For others, the master must be informed first and the individual wanting to get in would have to wait for approval.

"I came to see Anna. We have an appointment,"

Queenie replied coldly.

"Please wait here for a minute. I have to check it with Ms. Xu first," the guard responded.

In reality, Linda knew that Queenie was going to come for a visit but she told the entrance guard to let her wait for a while before letting her in. Linda did so to show Anna's place in the Mu Clan. She was trying to make Queenie understand that Anna was not only a doctor of the Mu Clan's private hospital but was regarded as her good friend.

At that moment, Queenie was puzzled. Why did she have to wait for Anna's approval?

As far as she knew, Anna was just a doctor of the Mu Clan's private hospital. Then, Charles asked her to take care of Linda personally, but she was nothing but a different form of a servant. Who the hell did she think she was? What made her so special to have some control in the Mu Clan's villa?

Through the receiving phone, the entrance guard informed Linda about Queenie's arrival. Linda laughed and turned to Anna, "Don't be afraid, Anna. Confront her fearlessly! We're in the Mu Clan's villa, not the Wang's. Most importantly, I'm here with you."

Linda hated parents like Queenie who loved to meddle in their children's relationship. They didn't understand their children, and they didn't even care about what their children wanted. All they cared about was whether the relationship was a perfect match in terms of societal status.

Anna meekly nodded as a reply.

But Linda's words

Linda asked about the money. When she heard the amount of money Linda asked, she was taken aback! 2 billion! Anna didn't even think that she was valued at that much money!

"Are you joking, Linda?" Queenie asked, thinking that she heard it wrong.

"No, I'm not joking. 2 billion, that's what I said," Linda answered, smirking inside.

"Do you think I'm stupid? She doesn't deserve that much money!" Queenie stood up and looked down at Linda.

"How about me, Mrs. Wang? Do you think I'm worth 2 billion?" Linda asked her.

Queenie stared at Linda. Of course, Linda was worth 2 billion. She was the Lady of both the Xia Clan and the Nalan Clan, and it was known that Lord Nalan adored her very much.

If Linda hadn't married Charles, Queenie would have asked Becker to go after her.

And as the young Lady of the Mu Clan, she was worth far more than 2 billion.

"You are being modest, Linda. You're worth far more than 2 billion," Queenie calmed down after a while and told her.

"What about my sworn sister? My grandfather's godchild, Anna? How much money is she worth? I think she deserves more than 2 billion," Linda asked again, looking as serious as she could be.

Queenie went silent. She was unwilling to give away 2 billion to someone like Anna, a girl of humble origins. They were wealthy but their money didn't grow on the trees. However, she was determined that Anna must break up with her son.

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