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   Chapter 852 Take Action According To The Actual Situation

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 8662

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"Oh my God! He's such a hard-headed man! Is he out of his mind? Does he really give up the domestic business of the Wang Clan just for that woman? He is being unreasonable and reckless!"

Queenie's angry voice filled the rest of their villa upon hearing what the servant said.

She was extremely disappointed in Becker since she had never expected him to be this foolish.

Her hatred for Anna was eating her mind and she couldn't help but loathe her even more. She swore that she would never let that woman step into their family or marry anyone within the Wang Clan. They didn't need an opportunist within their family. Thus, she couldn't let Anna in.

That poor orphan could try finding a dirty old man and start gold-digging somewhere else. That dirty playing Anna simply didn't belong anywhere within the Wang Clan's or Becker's world.

Moreso, Anna didn't even have a say in this matter.

"Can't you just stop meddling with our son's life?" Wesley, who was just reading the newspaper silently the whole time, finally reacted while shaking his head disapprovingly. He got no plans of getting angry but Queenie was already too much.

So what if Becker wanted to marry that doctor? His son was a very brilliant man and he was confident that Becker would never choose a low-quality woman.

This was the reason why he wasn't even thinking about Becker's choice at all.

"Say that again? What I'm doing is for our son's good. I can't just stand by and do nothing. Our son is a successful man so he can't marry that woman! Don't you know that she is an orphan?"

hissed Queenie as she glared at her husband. She had already sent people to investigate Anna.

"It doesn't matter. Becker will not want her if she isn't something. Thus, you don't have to worry too much. Just let our son choose whoever he thinks is the best for him." That was all Wesley said. He then continued reading the newspaper calmly.

He was getting old and all he intended to do was to hand Becker their business. He had faith in Becker. Thus, he couldn't care less about who he would choose to marry.

He knew his son like the back of his hand. He raised Becker to be a winner. His son wouldn't need any woman's help just to be successful. Moreso, a whole clan.

Becker was a goal-driven person and putting their business in their son's hand would be a winning situation already. He knew that Becker was more than capable of flourishing and driving their business to its peak.

"What you said doesn't matter. I still don't like that woman. And if he isn't willing to marry Rosy, you ca

ave time to change her footwear. She actually reached the garden of the Mu Clan's villa while still wearing her furry bedroom slippers.

On the other hand, Linda didn't expect to see Anna so soon since Anna said that she was tired and would be resting. Confused, Linda looked at Anna with furrowed eyebrows and asked, "What's wrong?"

"Becker's mother wants to meet me. What should I do? She will be coming here at any moment to negotiate about my relationship with Becker. Moreover, I think she will demand me to leave Becker." Anna's worry was showing all over her face. She wasn't willing to break up with Becker because she had already fallen in love with him. Moreover, she had already given Becker everything! They had already done too many romantic things together and she was more than sure that Becker was the one for her.

Their relationship might be young but Anna cherished their relationship a lot.

"Stop worrying. We will take action according to the actual situation later. Let's check her purpose first," said Linda with a smile.

She believed that Queenie wouldn't be able to do anything if Anna and Becker really wanted each other.

Plus, Becker was an excellent person while Anna was backed by the Mu Clan. Thus, having the two matched up wouldn't really be a big deal. They could easily be happy and lead a beautiful life together if they really wanted to.

Even though Anna wasn't a Lady of any prominent clan, Linda and Charles would surely be at her back all the time. Therefore, she shouldn't be counted as anything less than all other rich people.

At that very moment, while Anna was talking with Linda, Queenie was already ordering her servant to drive her to the Mu Clan's villa.

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