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   Chapter 851 You Can Give It To Anyone You Like

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 9387

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Rosy was turning red with anger on their way back. Her fingers were digging the seat belt when she screamed, "Damn it! Linda is going too far!"

She had been fuming after getting out of the Mu Clan's villa gate. She still couldn't believe what happened earlier. How dare that man point a gun at her head! Her legs instantly turned weak at that moment that she fell to the ground at once. Her fright was unimaginable that she almost peed in her pants.

What happened in that villa was both embarrassing and humiliating!

"You shouldn't be that impulsive, Rosy. They wouldn't treat you like that if you were gentler," uttered Jessie who was driving the car.

Rosy was still in shock about the scene earlier. It took her some seconds before she managed to move a muscle and pat her chest. God! She thought she would die earlier.

"Well, it was good that you moved that gun away from me! That thing could have scared me to death! How dare he point a gun at me? What if he accidentally fired it off?"

What Jessie did before that man really moved Rosy. She couldn't be happier for having such a courageous friend.

Rolling her eyes, Jessie shot Rosy a glance and then chuckled. She said, "Oh my goodness! That gun wasn't loaded at all!"

Rosy's neck almost popped from its socket when she made that abrupt turn to her friend. 'Oh, my God! What did she just say?'

However, she never really had enough time to think about what Jessie just said. Thus, she started blabbering, "Linda is really a bitch! How could she not allow us in? Worse, she even asked a man to point a gun at my head!" Just the thought of it made her anger seething all over again. If only she could, she would love to burn Linda alive together with her guard right now!

"Wait! Don't you think it's a bit strange? Shouldn't Linda be happy to let us in since your grandfather has woken up? She must be waiting for this moment to see your grandfather accuse us of pushing him to the pond, isn't she? How come she doesn't want us to see Lord Nalan?" Jessie analyzed.

Hearing those words made Rosy feel strange too. Thus, she said, "Humph! Maybe she just doesn't really like me and that's all."

"Well, okay. Let's go back to our place then." Jessie shrugged her shoulders and quit thinking too much. It was fine whether they met Lord Nalan or not anyway. Either of those two would be good for their plans.

Meanwhile, at the gate of the Mu Clan's villa, another car came in just a second after Rosy's car left.

This made the entrance guard shake his head helplessly. 'My God! Why is it so busy here today?' However, his mood quickly changed upon recognizing who just came out of the car. It was Anna. The lady was a regular visitor to the villa which meant that he didn't have to inform Lady Linda about her arrival.


t Queenie would be the same. She just hadn't found out about Anna's best yet.

Nevertheless, it was also to consider that Linda was the Lady of the Xia Clan back then. She was therefore in equal social standing with Charles.

Anna's case was different in that sense.

She was an orphan with nothing to show but her kindness.

The Wang Clan, on the other hand, was one of the four major clans in the city. They were both rich and powerful. Thus, the difference between Becker and Anna's social standing could just make the situation worse.

At the Wang Clan's villa, a servant was bowing before Queenie as she reported, "Master Becker was back, My Lady."

"Really? Where is he?" said Queenie as she leaned her back against their luxurious sofa. Her face was dark as she thought, 'This scamp! How can he go to LJ City with that woman for a whole week? He didn't even answer my call! How dare he do that!

Did he ever think about how to explain this to the Nalan Clan?'

"Master Becker is on his way to the company now. It seemed that there are many affairs for him to deal with."

"Go and tell Becker that he doesn't need to go to the company!"

Queenie's furious scream echoed inside the whole room. How could Becker even think that she would give him the rights for the Wang Clan's domestic market? She never imagined her son to be this disobedient! She just wanted him to come back and apologize to her.

"Yes, My Lady," said the servant respectfully before going out of the room.

However, it only took five minutes later before the same servant came back to her. The servant looked hesitant as she just hemmed and hawed. She didn't even dare to say anything.

"Just say it!" shouted Queenie impatiently.

"Master Becker... Master Becker said that he doesn't need the domestic market of the Wang Clan now. You can give it to anyone you like."

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