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   Chapter 850 You Are Not Welcome In The Mu Clan's Villa

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Updated: 2019-06-08 00:41

"Rosy, we are not going to bring your grandfather home, okay? You can be such a big baby sometimes. We don't really care about whether your grandfather wants to come home or not. This is just a show! Do you get it?" Jessie explained.

It took a while for Rosy to understand what Jessie was saying.

Right now, the most important thing she had to focus on was public opinion. It didn't matter whether her grandfather came home or not. After all, ever since her grandfather fell into a coma and got hospitalized, her father was the one who managed all the affairs of the Nalan Clan. Although her grandfather was okay now, he couldn't immediately take over the affairs of the Nalan Clan.

So what unsettled her the most now was public opinion. She had to do something to get public opinion on her side.

"Okay, I got it. When are we leaving?" Rosy asked.

"Let's go now," Jessie replied with a grin.

Rosy nodded and stood up. Jessie drank a bit of coffee and followed her. They settled the bill and left together.

Rosy had lost her license, so Jessie drove all the way to the Mu Clan's villa.

"Oh, yeah, how are things going with you and Patricia?" Rosy asked.

"Don't worry, things are going well. Patricia doesn't want to live that way but I know I can persuade her to change her mind," Jessie said with a smile.

Rosy believed that Jessie could do it too. Jessie was a clever woman and had never let her down before.

It would actually be really easy for Jessie to sabotage Rosy, but Jessie had never done anything to harm her. On the contrary, Jessie had always thought of her as a good friend and helped her a lot.

So, she cherished the friendship that she had with Jessie very much.

If Jessie was in trouble one day, she would definitely help her without any hesitation. That was how she felt from the bottom of her heart.

Rosy was grateful that she still had Jessie as her true friend.

Jessie knew how Rosy felt even if Rosy didn't say it out loud. That was why she had set her whole heart on helping Rosy.

Soon, they reached the Mu Clan's villa.

There was a bodyguard standing at the gate of the villa. His daily duty was to

he tried to disengage herself from his grip and prepared to rush into the house. But suddenly, a man held a gun to her head.

Rosy got such a fright that she fell to her knees.

"I know you. You're Lady Rosy from the Nalan Clan, right? What are you trying to do? Barge into the house? Why? That is so rude," Dragon said, pointing the gun at Rosy's head.

Rosy's mind had gone completely blank after seeing the gun. She was so afraid that she couldn't speak.

Jessie walked forward immediately and lightly pushed the gun away.

"You scared her. She might be an impulsive person, but you're really crossing the line here. You shouldn't hold a gun to her head," she said calmly.

Dragon looked at Jessie and then put the gun down.

"This is the Mu Clan's villa. I can kill a person for entering the house without permission," he said coldly.

"Okay, I got it, we're not welcome here. All right, we will leave right now," Rosy said quickly. She didn't want to stay here anymore.

Then, she pulled Jessie to the car and they left together. But Jessie was confused and couldn't help pondering over the situation. 'Linda didn't let us meet her grandfather, but why? That doesn't make any sense. They both know that Rosy is the one who pushed her grandfather into the water, and now he had already woken up from his coma. I thought that Linda would seize this opportunity to challenge and threaten Rosy. But she didn't. Why?' she thought.

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