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   Chapter 849 What Are You Still Worried About

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"Okay, mother. I need to go back now," said Linda while nodding.

It was actually clear that Victoria fell down by herself and Linda didn't push her.

Linda even thought that she wasn't to be blamed even if Victoria injured her teeth. There was no one else responsible for what happened but Victoria herself.

However, Linda also believed that Victoria might start feeling detached to Violet and James after her hospital stay since Victoria accused the two of being unfair to her.

Nonetheless, Linda couldn't care less about those issues. She had given up taking actions against Victoria for trying to steal Charles away. She had a lot of other important things to deal with and many enemies to battle against.

Linda went straight to their living room as soon as she got back home. She found Lord Nalan there playing with her twins happily. The crisp sound of the old man's laughter instantly warmed her heart and made her smile. Who could have thought that she would still see him laugh like this after all that happened?

"Grandfather, let me take you out to buy some clothes,"

she said while stepping towards Lord Nalan. She hadn't bought any clothes for the old man since she took him there. She wanted to buy him clothes now since she got free time. He might not move back to the Nalan Clan's residence anymore after all. Thus, he needed some more clothes while staying inside the Mu Clan's villa.

Lord Nalan didn't refuse her offer and just nodded with a smile. He then said, "Thank you, my dear."

Just a few minutes later, the two were already out of the villa to shop. And as expected, five Mu Security Team members were sent to follow them to make sure that they were safe.

Upon reaching the shopping mall, Sam calmly approached Linda and reported in a low voice, "My Lady, I've found that there were several people tracking us earlier."

"Have you found out who they are working for?" she asked.

"It isn't easy to figure that out. However, it is possible that they were sent by the Nalan Clan."

Linda just nodded upon hearing Sam's words. Her instinct instantly warned her that it was Jessie who did it.

It would be impossible for those people to spy on her whenever she was inside the Mu Clan's villa. Thus, she believed that those men could be lurking outside their gate the whole time instead.

Raising her eyebrows, Linda shot her car with a concerned stare. She could see Lord Nalan sitting

er shoulder, and said earnestly, "What difference would it make if he believes or not? Regardless if Linda tells Lord Nalan about that and Lord Nalan believes her, it still wouldn't matter as long as the media and public don't believe her. You don't even have to care whether your grandfather believes her or not."

Rosy bit her lower lip as she thought that Jessie's words made sense. She was so shaken earlier because of her guilt. She was the one who did that cruel action against Lord Nalan after all.

"Stop worrying about this, okay? If you are indeed very afraid, we can take action against Linda first."

Rosy was stunned upon hearing Jessie. Her mind instantly wondered about what her best friend meant. Thus she asked, "What do you mean by that? What's your plan?"

"Let's go! We need to visit the Mu Clan's villa and get your grandfather back."

"My grandfather likes Linda so much. He might be unwilling to go with us," said Rosy hesitantly while shaking her head.

She knew Lord Nalan very well and also figured out that he favored Sherry, Linda's biological mother, most among all his children.

It was also one of the reasons why Lord Nalan loved Linda so much.

"We are not going there to take him back. Our only purpose is to show him that you have nothing to do with him being pushed to the water. You just need to act calmly and fearlessly before your grandfather. Got it?"

Jessie was a little disappointed when she shook her head. She couldn't believe how mentally slow Rosy was that she found it hard to explain everything to her.

Anyway, it was the right choice for Rosy to listen to her.

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