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   Chapter 848 Are You Okay

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Hearing the word "mistress" twice really angered Victoria.

Of course, she wasn't a patch on Linda when it came to arguing.

Linda was amused by Victoria's delicate, flustered face.

Violet just sat there silently observing the scene.

Although she felt bad for Victoria, she agreed that Linda had to teach her a lesson.

"What? What are you talking about? When did I become a mistress?" Victoria retorted loudly.

"When did I say you are a mistress?" Linda asked coolly.

"Didn't you just say that I'm a mistress? Humph! How can you be such a woman? None of what you said is true. You dare to say something but you don't dare to admit it. You're really disgusting!" Victoria was furious now. She knew for sure that Linda had called her a mistress just now. She'd heard it clearly.

Linda smiled and responded, "Are you sure I really called you a mistress? All I remember is asking you two questions: do you know what kind of women would interfere in other people's marriages? And do you want to be a mistress? I was just asking you if you want to be a mistress, I wasn't saying that you already are. Got it?"

On hearing that, Victoria's face turned red.

"You!" She stood there fuming with rage while pointing at Linda with her trembling finger. She was so angry that she couldn't even come up with a reply.

"Well, didn't you say that two servants spoke ill of you behind your back? Who are they?" Linda asked. Then, she turned to Violet and said, "Please ask them to come here, mother."

"Okay." Although Violet didn't know what Linda was up to, she asked a servant to bring the other two servants here.

"Anyway, Victoria, you have to understand that Charles is my husband. You have no chance of marrying him, so you'd better give up your dream of being with him and think about who else you want to be with," Linda warned Victoria.

Victoria just turned her head away from Linda and snorted coldly.

"Huh? What does that mean, Victoria? Do you still want to be with my husband? So you really want to be a mistress?" Linda brought it up again seeing Victoria's rude reaction.

She couldn't help but think that Victoria was a hypocrite. On the one hand, Victoria wanted to be with Charles, but on

her, she just smiled faintly.

She knew that Victoria couldn't hurt her at all. The moment Victoria was close enough, Linda slightly leaned to one side. Victoria continued to rush forward because of her inertia. Linda gave her a kick on her butt for good measure.

"Ouch!" Victoria fell face down on the marble floor of the living room. She felt a sharp pain in her mouth.

"Ouch, it hurts!" She sat up from the ground and touched her mouth. When she pulled her hand away, there was blood on it. The fall had really hurt her.

"Are you okay?" Linda crouched down and looked at her with interest.

Victoria looked back at her with her eyes full of malice. She would never forgive Linda for utterly humiliating her like this.

But right now, she was worried about the fact that she was bleeding. Fearing that she was seriously injured, she cried out, "Doctor! Where is the doctor? I have to go to the hospital right now!"

Violet was shocked too after seeing the amount of blood coming from Victoria's mouth and promptly asked two servants to take Victoria to the Mu Clan's private hospital for examination. It scared Violet to see Victoria like this.

After Victoria was taken away, Violet looked at Linda apologetically. "I'm so sorry, Linda. Victoria actually isn't a bad child. But we spoiled her from childhood and she has liked Charles for so many years, that's why she's like this. Since you taught her a lesson today, I believe she'll behave better from now on."

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