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   Chapter 847 Are You Eager To Be Charles's Mistress

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The more furious Victoria became, the calmer Linda was.

Linda knew that a woman as stupid as Victoria could never mess up her happy life or take Charles away from her.

"You've gone too far," Victoria exclaimed angrily.

"What are you blaming me for? Anyway, I'm not going to argue with you anymore. I'm not in the mood for it now."

With the feeding bottles in her hands, Linda was about to leave, but Victoria pulled her back.

"What are you doing?" Linda turned to ask.

"You can't leave yet. Explain everything clearly right now."

Linda was starting to get annoyed. She looked expectantly at James and Violet. "Mother, father, what should I do now?"

Linda was in a tight spot. Normally, she would deal with people like Victoria by teaching them a lesson, but she thought that it would be inappropriate to scold or tease Victoria. After all, Victoria was so sensitive that she might start crying. Besides, Linda didn't want to sneer at her in front of James and Violet.

Violet had already once told her not to say anything to displease Victoria.

In fact, Linda understood Victoria's feelings. It was normal for her to fall in love with Charles, who was an excellent man with a lot of admirers. Victoria was just one of the many women who liked him.

Linda would never consider Victoria as a rival.

"Linda, Victoria heard two servants gossiping about her last night, and that's why she's so angry now. Please don't mind her," Violet replied with an apologetic expression on her face.

She thought that Linda was sensible and was reacting rather tolerantly toward Victoria's behavior this time.


Linda turned around again to leave, but Victoria gave another tug at her clothes.

It was getting hard for Linda to maintain her patience. She turned to Victoria and snapped, "What are you trying to do? Do you suspect that I instructed the two servants to complain about the matter to mother and father?"

"So you finally admit it! I was wondering how they dared to tell mother and father that I hit them. Now I've figured out that you're the one who incited them to do that," Victoria responded in rage.

In Victoria's eyes, servants were very humble and had the lowest social status, so they didn't deserve her respect.

She took it for granted that she could scold them and hit them as she pleased.

But Linda thought that Victoria was reckless for sla

er getting Violet's permission to punish Victoria, Linda felt pleased.

She thought that wayward people like Victoria should be punished. Otherwise, Victoria would never realize her mistake and would keep thinking of Linda as a coward who could be bullied easily.

"Are you still unwilling to let me go?" Linda asked.

"Yes, don't you dare to leave. You have to explain everything clearly before you go. What are you so smug about? If I haven't gone abroad for three years, do you think you could have married Charles?"

Staring straight into Victoria's eyes, Linda smiled. "I don't mean to look down on you, but even if Charles had never met me, he wouldn't have married you. Got it? Charles doesn't take a fancy to you at all."

"You're talking nonsense! How do you know that he doesn't like me?" Victoria became very indignant.

"We can bring Charles here and ask him whether he fancies you."

Although Violet felt bad for Victoria, she was amused by their conversation. There was no way that Victoria would be able to defeat Linda in an argument. Victoria was beginning to feel anxious and helpless. Linda had destroyed her with just a few words.

"How could you be so arrogant and unreasonable? Since Charles is your husband now, he'll obviously side with you!"

"Oh, if you know that Charles is my husband, why are you still making reckless remarks as if he belongs to you? Don't you know that a woman who tries to meddle in another woman's marriage is just a disgusting mistress? Are you eager to be Charles's mistress?"

Linda asked sharply. Her words surprised and confused Victoria.

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