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   Chapter 846 Imaginary Rival

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"We were just saying. You are indeed trying to break the relationship between Young Master and Lady Linda. I don't think that there is anything wrong with saying the truth. We have the right to speak even though we're just servants. We shouldn't be treated this way. Moreover, nobody has the right to throw bones between any husband and wife. Is there something wrong with reminding you about that? We don't think there is," said one of the servants angrily as she accused Victoria of how bad the woman had treated them.

Victoria had slapped both of the servants across their faces. Thus, they were fuming and reported the incident to Violet and James.

The members of the Mu Clan had always been very kind to their servants and it wasn't even hard to tell that it was Victoria who did something wrong. No one had the rights to hit their servants just because of telling the truth.

Since Victoria had been gone for three years, the new servants inside the mansion didn't think of her as a real member of the Mu Clan. They were looking at her as an outsider.

"You shouldn't hit them regardless of what they said, Victoria." Violet's voice was tough when she gazed at Victoria.

She could just imagine how hard Victoria had slapped the servants since she could still see her hand prints on their faces after a whole night.


Tears instantly ran down Victoria's face upon hearing what Violet said. She felt so aggrieved. How could her mother take their servants' side? These servants gossiped about her behind her back and what she did was just to teach them a lesson.

Seeing Victoria crying made Violet walk up to the lady and comfort her at once. "Victoria, honey, please don't cry. I wasn't taking the servants' side. However, you still shouldn't hit them. Do you understand?"

Although their servants were hired to work for them, Violet never treated these people badly.

These people were protected by labor law and it was forbidden for them to hurt these people for any cause. Moreover, they had a reputation to took care of as they were from one of the biggest clans.

James' face was apologetic when he turned to the servants. He was worried that Victoria might still say something wrong.

Thus, he said, "You two can leave and have a rest first. We will compensate both of you with your whole month salary. Okay?"

The servants nodded as soon as they heard their master and then walked out of the room.

After the servants left, Victoria sat next to James and cried, "I was telling the truth, Father! They were gossiping behind my back. They said that I'm not as go

er eyebrows were furrowed when she turned around.

What Victoria said was outright ridiculous! Could this woman be more self-centered than this?

"I'm a very busy person, Victoria. I'm sorry but I don't really have the time to come back just to laugh at you," replied Linda sarcastically. She didn't wait for Victoria's rebut anymore and walked straight to the bedroom.

It was more than obvious that Victoria was seeing her as an imaginary rival. Thus, she didn't want to waste more time talking with her anymore. She just wanted to leave at once.

She believed that Victoria was nothing but a lunatic whose goal was to stir trouble.

Being Victoria's rival was out of Linda's intention. She was even wondering when the lady would get tired of pestering her. Linda marched straight to the front door as soon as she grabbed her babies' feeding bottles. However, another yell filled her ears right at the moment she stepped into the living room.

"I know that you're here to mock me!" Then Victoria burst into tears again.

Both James and Violet looked anxious as they sat next to their daughter. They couldn't bear seeing Victoria cried this much, so they didn't know what to do.

"What are you crying for? You're making it sound like I'm bullying you. I already said that I only came back for my children's bottles. See? The bottles are still in my hands." Then Linda raised the bottles and waved them in front of Victoria's face.

The baby bottles Linda was holding made Victoria more furious. She didn't even have the chance to hold Charles' hand when she was younger. Thus, she found it hard to believe that Charles had fallen in love with Linda! More so, Charles had babies with her which meant that they had made love!

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