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   Chapter 845 Slapped The Servants

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Linda hadn't actually been keen on coming to the Mu Clan's mansion for dinner since she wanted to spend time with her grandfather, but Violet had insisted that Charles and Linda join them for dinner since Victoria was coming back home after so many years.

Linda had agreed to come for dinner purely out of respect for Charles, Violet, and James. She hadn't expected things to turn out this way.

In the Mu Clan's mansion, Victoria had locked herself inside her bedroom. She drove away all the servants who tried to bring her breakfast.

Violet saw that Victoria was in a bad mood but she didn't know what to do about it. No matter how much she tried to persuade Victoria, it would be a waste unless Victoria could bring herself to look on the bright side and give up on Charles. But Violet didn't think that would happen in the near future. After all, Victoria had liked Charles for a long time, so the fact that Charles was married must have been a huge blow to her.

Still, Violet was surprised to find that Victoria was still in love with Charles even after being away from him for three years.

Meanwhile, Charles and Linda reached the Mu Clan's villa. When Linda walked to the garden, she saw Lord Nalan trimming and watering the plants. The Mu Security Team members must have brought him here. When Lord Nalan noticed Linda, he smiled and said, "Linda, you are back."

With Little Tomato in her arms, Linda walked up to Lord Nalan and responded, "Yes, grandfather. How are you feeling now?"

"I'm fine. I feel much better." Linda didn't seem to believe him, so Lord Nalan gave himself a gentle punch on the chest to show her that he was okay, much to her amusement.

"Okay, grandfather, you've just woken up from a coma, so don't hit yourself like that." Linda was afraid that something bad would happen to Lord Nalan again.

"Grandfather, do you remember anything about the Nalan Clan?" Linda asked.

A dash of confusion glimmered in Lord Nalan's eyes.

"The Nalan Clan? I've never heard about it before."

Linda sighed inwardly, realizing that her grandfather had really lost his memory of the Nalan Clan. Perhaps he was so tormented by the fact that his own family member had tried to kill him that he'd subconsciously chosen to forget about the Nalan Clan altogether.

Linda thought that it might be better for Lord Nalan

ld you hit us?"

one of the servants asked, covering her face. She felt wronged.

It was not like they were living in a feudal society now. All of the servants had signed a labor contract before working for the Mu Clan. They were working as ordinary employees, not as slaves without dignity or freedom. So obviously, the servant felt indignant after being hit by Victoria.

She thought that Victoria shouldn't bully them like this even though they were working for her.

The other servant also covered her face, looking morose.

"How dare you talk back to me? You two were badmouthing me behind my back, and now you don't even allow me to beat you?"

Victoria raised her hand to give them another slap, but the two servants immediately left, crying.

Victoria simmered with rage.

Since she didn't have anyone to vent her anger on now, she finally went to the kitchen and got some food to eat. Then, she went to sleep.

The next day, when Victoria stepped into the living room, she saw Violet and James sitting there with grim expressions on their faces. The two servants that she'd encountered near the kitchen last night were standing at the side and sobbing with their heads lowered.

"My Lord, My Lady, although we work as servants, no one has the right to hit us. Besides, we didn't make any rude remarks..."

"Please don't be scared," Violet said. But she had barely finished her words when Victoria ran up to the servants.

"You didn't make any rude remarks? How dare you tell a lie? Dare you to repeat the words that you said last night?"

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