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   Chapter 844 Spoiled Wife

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Charles was listening to the exchange between Linda and Victoria without saying a word. He could tell that something didn't add up.

After all, Linda had told him that she was going to make a phone call. He knew that she'd left their bedroom to call Bun.

"How was I eavesdropping? I was just hungry and wanted to get something to eat in the kitchen. Don't insult me! You're the one with bad manners."

Linda was amused by Victoria's stupid words. She was a foolish but vulnerable woman.

In fact, Victoria was much stupider than Amy. Amy had known how to harm Linda through the hands of another, and she had always fully studied a situation before taking any action. Compared to Amy, Victoria was like a naive kid in kindergarten.

"Well, baby, to be honest, I

rted keeping her at a distance.

After all, Victoria was his sister, so he would never have accepted her love. Of course, he wouldn't have accepted her love even if they weren't siblings. Victoria had never been the woman for him.

"What you did was right. You have to teach her a lesson so that she will learn to hold back her bad temper. It will be too troublesome if she becomes as crazy as Amy," Charles said. He didn't want to see that happen because he knew it would make his parents sad. Linda didn't want to see that happen either.

After having breakfast, Charles and Linda left with Little Potato and Little Tomato.

They'd only come to the Mu Clan's main villa last night because Violet and James had invited them for dinner to catch up with Victoria.

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