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   Chapter 844 Spoiled Wife

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Charles was listening to the exchange between Linda and Victoria without saying a word. He could tell that something didn't add up.

After all, Linda had told him that she was going to make a phone call. He knew that she'd left their bedroom to call Bun.

"How was I eavesdropping? I was just hungry and wanted to get something to eat in the kitchen. Don't insult me! You're the one with bad manners."

Linda was amused by Victoria's stupid words. She was a foolish but vulnerable woman.

In fact, Victoria was much stupider than Amy. Amy had known how to harm Linda through the hands of another, and she had always fully studied a situation before taking any action. Compared to Amy, Victoria was like a naive kid in kindergarten.

"Well, baby, to be honest, I don't think someone like Victoria could survive even the first episode of a TV series," Linda remarked to Charles.

Charles touched his nose and couldn't help laughing out loud.

Linda's jokes always made people laugh.

"What do you mean?" Victoria asked Linda. Then, she turned to Charles. "Why are you laughing? Don't you even care that Linda's cheating on you?" Victoria's face had turned red with anger and embarrassment. She had been in F state for so many years, so she was now not good at dealing with people. Now, she was just spewing nonsense.

"What do I mean? What's wrong with you? Didn't I explain everything to you? How can you assume that I'm having an affair with another man just because of a phone call? It's ridiculous. Do you know who I was talking to on the phone just now? Do you even know if it was a man or a woman?"

Victoria was sure that Linda must have been talking to a man on the phone because when she'd confronted Linda about it, Linda had responded evasively.

She was about to retort but Linda continued speaking.

"Besides, how do you know that my husband didn't know I was making a phone call? Do you think you know my husband better than I do?"

Linda's remarks were a bit aggressive. When Violet saw that Victoria was on the verge of tears, she immediately cut in. "Linda, Victoria hasn't matured yet and she has only come back home today. Don't argue with her."

"Mother, I have to. She's the one who wants to argue with me. She thinks that I'm having an affair with another man just

course. In fact, it was the best thing in the world.

"Everyone's watching. Save me some face, please," Charles said gently.

Linda rubbed his ear with a smile.

"I'm so sorry, baby. I shouldn't be so rude," she said apologetically.

Then, she sat back down and continued having her breakfast. "I wanted to teach her a lesson. I wanted her to bear in mind not to make trouble for me. I might not have a good memory but I never forget how people treat me."

Charles nodded in agreement.

It was not that he hated his sister, Victoria. However, he wasn't as close to her as he had once been. He had always known that Victoria was secretly in love with him for years, but it was only after the time that she had gone mad and slit her wrists that he had started keeping her at a distance.

After all, Victoria was his sister, so he would never have accepted her love. Of course, he wouldn't have accepted her love even if they weren't siblings. Victoria had never been the woman for him.

"What you did was right. You have to teach her a lesson so that she will learn to hold back her bad temper. It will be too troublesome if she becomes as crazy as Amy," Charles said. He didn't want to see that happen because he knew it would make his parents sad. Linda didn't want to see that happen either.

After having breakfast, Charles and Linda left with Little Potato and Little Tomato.

They'd only come to the Mu Clan's main villa last night because Violet and James had invited them for dinner to catch up with Victoria.

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