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   Chapter 841 How Dare You Cheat On Charles

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At the Mu Clan's residence, the whole family was seated around the dining table for dinner. On the outside, it looked like a happy and harmonious scene. Violet stole a quick glance at Victoria, trying to get a sense of her mood right now. When she saw that there wasn't much change in Victoria's expression, she inwardly let out a sigh of relief. 'It's been three years, maybe Victoria has already gotten over Charles, ' Violet thought to herself.

'Time heals everything. Her sadness and disappointment because of Charles's indifference to her might have dwindled away during these three years. It's normal for her to forget these things. People tend to selectively forget painful memories. It was never going to work out between her and Charles no matter how much she liked him, because Charles never liked her back. So this is for the best.' All Violet wanted was for both her children to be happy.

Having grown up together since young, the two of them used to be as close as brother and sister. But things had completely changed a few years ago when Victoria tried to commit suicide by cutting her wrists after finding out that Charles had fallen in love with another girl. She hadn't been able to accept his intimacy with other girls. Because of her extreme behavior, Charles had become extremely indifferent to her. Back when they were innocent playmates, Charles had been wonderful to Victoria and taken great care of her. No one had expected their relationship to become as cold as ice. They didn't even talk to each other anymore. Although Violet and James felt sorry and worried about Charles and Victoria, they could do nothing but wait for time to heal the wounds. Violet, in particular, had been very concerned about Victoria's well-being. She thought about this matter from time to time, hoping that her daughter would get over it soon. Now that Victoria was finally back after a few years on the road, Violet badly wanted her and Charles to be on good terms like before.

"Victoria, try it, this is your favorite dish,"

said Violet lovingly as she offered Victoria food.

Victoria smiled gratefully at Violet and began to eat. However, she had no appetite at all, seeing that Charles's wife was sitting at the same table at this very moment. She felt sick at the thought that Linda was her sister-in-law.

On the other hand, Linda was in an extremely good mood. Since she was a foodie, her mouth began to water at the sight of all the delicious dishes on the table. She began to dig in happily. She did not seem to care about what Victoria thought even though it was the first time they had met.

After a quick glance at Linda, Victoria couldn't help feeling resentful toward her.

'Is this woman who is eating like she's starving to death my so-called sister-in-law? Why doesn't she have any self-restraint? How can someone like her be a match for Charles?' Victoria thought to herself.

Deep down in her heart, she was still yearning to be with Charles. However, she restrained herself from commenting on Linda's behavior. She didn't want to catch Linda's attention the first time they met and risk awakening a sleeping wolf. She had to wait for an opportunity to change this unpleasant situation.

However, Linda, being observant as ever, noticed the subtle changes in Victoria's expression. And knowing everything that had happened between Victoria and Char

d. After all, how was she supposed to be nice to Victoria when she knew how Victoria felt about her? However, she also knew that Violet had no idea about Victoria's true feelings. Linda didn't want to make Violet sad, so she decided not to argue about the matter.

Meanwhile, Victoria restlessly paced around her room. The longer she thought about what had happened just now, the angrier she got at Linda.

Right before she'd started her journey back from Africa, her heart had been filled with joy at the thought of getting to see Charles again. Finding out that he was already married had been a huge blow to her. She felt utterly heartbroken now since she'd always wanted to be the one to marry him.

'What am I supposed to do now? Charles is already married and has children with Linda, ' Victoria said to herself sadly.

The more she thought about it, the more upset she became. She lay on her bed and tried to sleep, but her aching heart kept her awake.

Besides, she'd barely eaten anything during. Now that the time was eleven o'clock, her stomach began growling in hunger. After tossing and turning for a while, she got up and walked out of her room to find something to eat. She went down the stairs quietly as it was late at night.

But just as she walked toward the kitchen, she heard someone talking on the phone.

"Hey, did you miss me, dear?"

Victoria listened carefully and realized that the voice belonged to Linda.

Although she'd left early during dinner, she knew that Linda and Charles were supposed to be spending the night at the Mu Clan's mansion, so it was unlikely that the person that Linda was on the phone with now was Charles.

'Who is she speaking to on the phone then? And why is she calling them "dear"?' wondered Victoria.

She continued to listen quietly to the conversation.

"Well, I miss you so much. And it's hard for me to not have you around all day long," Linda said.

Hearing Linda's words and the coquettish tone she was saying them in, Victoria was absolutely sure that Linda was cheating on Charles.

'Oh my god! How dare you cheat on my brother!' she thought. She quickly walked up to Linda with fury evident on her face. "You're a slut! You're not worthy of my brother!" she exploded.

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