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   Chapter 840 Seem Like An Outsider

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"Okay, we're coming soon," Violet said to the servant.

Linda stood up, wanting to go with Violet to see what kind of woman Victoria was.

As they walked, Violet said, "Victoria left three years ago and we still haven't told her that Charles has gotten married."

Linda understood that Violet just didn't want to make Victoria unhappy.

But whatever it was, Victoria had to know and accept the fact now.

Even if Victoria still liked Charles very much, Charles didn't seem keen on her as he'd never answered her phone calls during these three years. Linda thought that it was best for Violet to explain the whole thing to Victoria instead of worrying about it unnecessarily.

"I see. But she has to find out sooner or later, right?" Linda asked.

"Yes. But when we meet her later, we should try not to be too blunt about it. I don't have the heart to upset her," Violet said.

Linda nodded and they made their way to the living room.

Charles was standing there playing with Little Potato and Little Tomato.

Just then, a woman dressed in a black dress entered the living room followed by two servants who were carrying her luggage. The woman looked young and pretty with a pair of big black eyes and a small charming mouth. She had a slender and graceful figure.

The moment she saw Charles, her eyes lit up with pleasant surprise.

Wearing a pair of high heels, she trotted toward him at once.

"Charles," she greeted affectionately.

In the past, Amy had been infatuated with Charles and called out his name in a similar tone, but this woman seemed to show more fondness for him than Amy had.

'Um," Charles uttered in response after shooting a quick glance at the woman. Then, he continued playing with Little Potato and Little Tomato.

Of course, the woman was none other than Victoria.

"Whose babies are they? They're so cute."

Victoria walked up to the two babies and squatted down in front of Little Potato. She reached out to touch his head, but Little Tomato suddenly burst into tears, startling Victoria.

"Don't touch him." Seeing Little Tomato cry, Charles frowned and immediately carried her in his arms, trying to comfort her. Little Tomato's cries became softer after being in Charles's arms for a while.

"Why is she crying?" Victoria felt a bit upset, wondering why such a lovely baby would cry at just the sight of her.

At that moment, Li

"Father, don't worry. I won't leave again."

It was true that Victoria had been away for a long time. She'd had no idea about everything that had happened in the Mu Clan and she was still mystified by the news she'd learned just now.

Although Victoria was wearing a smile on her face, Linda could see that there was a touch of restlessness and dissatisfaction in her eyes.

It might be difficult for most people to notice her displeased expression, but Linda found it easy to notice since she had studied psychology and was good at observing people's expressions.

Violet and James hadn't noticed how Victoria was truly feeling. Seeing her smiling and seeming to be in a good mood, they both felt a bit relieved.

Linda sat down at the table with Little Tomato in her arms. After a servant brought some baby rice cereal, she began to feed it to Little Tomato. Little Tomato stuck her tongue out as she ate, much to James's amusement.

"Little Tomato is getting more and more adorable. She might become very naughty in the future," James remarked with a smile.

As if she'd understood her grandfather's praise, Little Tomato stretched out her hands to James. James took Little Tomato and the bowl of rice cereal from Linda.

"Feed her small mouthfuls," Linda said.

James nodded.

Victoria suddenly felt like an outsider. She was jealous seeing all of them have a happy time.

She turned to look at Charles, who still looked as handsome as ever. He was exuding the aura of a noble king. However, at this moment, his eyes were glued to Linda with a touch of affection in them.

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