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   Chapter 839 Don't Touch The Bottom Line

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Everybody knew that Lord Nalan had suffered a lot these past months. Since he almost forgot everything about the Nalan clan, Linda decided to bring him back to the Mu's villa instead.

He was her dearest grandfather after all. Thus, it was a must for her to take good care of him.

After making sure that Lord Nalan was comfortably home, Linda and Charles set off to the Mu's residence with their children.

The drive had been slow and it took them half an hour to get there.

Linda hadn't been to that mansion for a very long time and seeing the grandiose home again made her feel nostalgic. A couple of servants who saw their car stopped before the gate immediately went in to inform their masters about their visit. Soon enough, James and Violet came running out excitedly to them with huge smiles on their faces.

"I haven't seen you for ages, Linda! Welcome back!" greeted Violet as she took Little Potato from Linda's arms.

In reaction, Little Potato immediately wiggled and reached out his tiny arms to the woman. It was obvious that he was very close to his Violet since Violet had helped Linda look after her kids a lot of times.

Violet was beaming when Little Potato cutely embraced her neck with his baby arms.

There was really no way to deny how much she was in love with the twins.

The relationship between Linda and Violet had a very bad history. For Pete's sake! Violet even loathed Linda and didn't want her for a daughter-in-law. A lot of things had changed though after Charles and Linda got married. The two finally learned how to get along with each other. It was such a good thing that Linda and Violet weren't living together since it had avoided conflicts from arising between the two. Thus, Linda thought that the best way to avoid any type of animosity between a wife and a mother-in-law was to make them live apart.

She was more than sure that resolving a conflict with Violet would be close to impossible for her.

It was fortunate that they didn't need to live so close to each other as it was each other's absence that made them closer.

"How's everything, mother?" Linda greeted with a sweet smile.

Violet cast Linda a glance and smiled back, "I've been great. However, your father has gotten a cough."

"Oh! Did he already have it checked?" Linda asked with concern.

"No! He's as stubborn as a donkey! I told him to go and see a doctor but he doesn't want to," grumbled Violet while frowning. She suddenly looked like a spoiled wife while complaining about her husband.

That was when James came and shot Violet a disappointed glare.

"Don't talk nonsense to kids!" he rasped.

"Did I said anything wrong? On the first place, why don't you want to go to a hospital? We even own one!" Violet replied.

"It's okay. I'll just send Anna here to check on father next week," Linda chirped while holding her laugh

ld that she would let Victoria slip if she dared to hurt her kids.

Charles and Linda were married and they were truly in love.

Regardless of any reason, Victoria didn't have any rights to meddle with other people's married life. It was odd that Linda was already having a bad impression of Victoria even before they meet.

She didn't think that there was any mentally healthy person who would cut their risk just because of love. Moreover, Linda knew Charles well. He must have been very aloof to Victoria. It was possible that Victoria tried killing herself back then just to get Charles' attention.

How unreasonable was that!

Silence occupied that whole place again. It was like nobody wanted to talk as both of them were busy with their own thoughts. It was a few minutes after when Violet finally managed to open her mouth and said, "Linda, I know that I'm asking for too much. It's just that I raised Victoria for more than ten years and I love her as my own child. I hope you could understand."

With a faint smile, Linda said, "That's fine, mother. I don't mind. After all, we're under the same roof."

Hearing those made Violet smile contentedly. It was as if a thorn had been pulled out of her heart and she was suddenly feeling better.

She couldn't help but adore Linda even more as she realized how good Linda was. How was it possible for her to hate Linda when they first met? Linda was everything a mother-in-law could ever want and yet she had chosen Amy over Linda.

She couldn't even tell what gotten into her back then!

Linda had given her the best gifts a daughter-in-law could give and that was the twins.

Little Potato looked exactly like his father and she was more than sure that he would grow up to be as great as his father, Charles.

Linda and Violet were still talking about Victoria when a servant approached them and advised, "My Lady, Lady Victoria is here."

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