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   Chapter 838 Suffering From Selective Amnesia

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Paul drove the car slowly toward the Mu Clan's private hospital and they reached there after a while.

Before leaving for her trip, Anna had asked a few of the best doctors to take over Lord Nalan's treatment while she was away. Eugene was also at the hospital today.

"Eugene, how's my grandfather? Isn't he supposed to wake up from his coma now?" Linda asked, unable to hide the disappointment in her voice.

"He woke up from his coma, but he can only stay awake for about one or two hours each day. His condition will get much better next week. In fact, he has woken up twice today. You can go and see him now. Perhaps he is still awake."

Linda nodded excitedly. Her heart began racing as soon as she learned this good news.

Lord Nalan was an important part of Linda's life, so she'd felt very sorry that he had been in a coma for so long.

She also felt that it was a pity that she hadn't gotten a chance to take care of Lord Nalan in his old age even though she had the time and energy to do so.

Lord Nalan had helped her a lot and doted on her very much in the past. However, before Linda could have the chance to do something to repay him for his kindness, he had fallen into a coma and been in the hospital for almost half a year.

Linda thought that Lord Nalan must have been very lonely just lying in bed every day.

Charles and Linda quickly entered Lord Nalan's ward, carrying Little Potato and Little Tomato in their arms.

Lord Nalan was sleeping quietly on the bed like he always did with an intravenous drip attached to his arm, but he didn't have a breathing tube inserted into his mouth anymore.

Looking at Lord Nalan's closed eyes, Linda became very sad. She found that more of his hair had turned white.

"Grandfather, I've brought Little Potato and Little Tomato here to visit you. Charles has also come today," Linda said to Lord Nalan, sitting on the bedside.

She placed Little Tomato's hand beside Lord Nalan's.

Little Tomato's hand was tender, white, and chubby, while Lord Nalan's hand was covered with wrinkles.

As far as Linda was concerned, if Lord Nalan was still healthy, it might be interesting to compare Little Tomato's hand with his.

"My little darling, do you know who he is?" Linda turned to look at Little Tomato.

Little Tomato opened her mouth and, much to Linda's amusement, said something unintelligible.

Then, Linda put Little Tomato down beside her and took Lord Nalan's hand. Sh

ive amnesia'?"

Eugene explained, "Selective amnesia is a medical condition where people partially lose their memory. If a person is badly affected and shocked by something or he hits his somewhere and suffers a brain injury, he might forget people or things that he is unwilling to remember."

"Do you mean that my grandfather is unwilling to remember anything related to the Nalan Clan?"

"Perhaps everything related to the Nalan Clan is just unpleasant in Lord Nalan's eyes. In fact, he could have regained his consciousness earlier, but I think that the Nalan Clan's matter tormented him over and over again, making him feel too miserable to wake up from his coma. Now that he's finally woken up, he's forgotten those things that he doesn't want to think about."

"Oh, I see," Linda replied softly.

"Is there any way to cure such an illness?" Charles asked.

"Yes. But it depends on Lord Nalan's state of mind. If he doesn't want to remember the things that have had such a bad impact on him, I suggest that we leave his condition as it is without giving him treatment. Otherwise, we might end up making things worse."

Eugene handed Linda a book about selective amnesia. Linda leafed through the book and learned that patients who had selective amnesia were lying to themselves by imagining a different reality under strong psychological pressure.

Linda thought about it for a moment and decided that it might be better for Lord Nalan to forget everything related to the Nalan Clan. After all, his own granddaughter had done such a merciless and malicious thing to him and made him fall into a coma. Her actions were unforgivable.

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