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   Chapter 837 Be A Looker-On

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Little Tomato was curious about everything around her. She held out her little hands and tried to grasp onto something. Her expression looked so cute that Linda couldn't help laughing at her.

'My baby's such a cutie!' Linda thought.

She had carefully trimmed little tomato's eyelashes several days ago, so it would grow very long once her little girl grew up. She could just imagine little tomato growing up as a stunner.

It wasn't even hard to see how beautiful her child was as a baby.

"See? They are so different." Charles was carrying little potato in his arms and wanted to make the baby sat on his lap. However, little potato seemed to disagree with his father and put his arms around Charles' neck firmer. He was very silent as he observed the world around him. The twins indeed had different personalities. Obviously, little tomato was more active than her brother.

"It's fine. That's actually a good thing. I think little potato is very smart and cool. You know what? Violet once told me that little potato was just like you when you were a kid," said Linda with a smile.

Violet loved the two babies too. It was just that she was born from a wealthy and influential family, so she got no clue on how to take care of kids. Nevertheless, she would often come to the Mu clan's villa to see the two babies and bought them some gifts.

Donna was different from her though. She was an excellent grandmother and knew how to handle the twins really well. She had obviously learned a lot of things by raising Linda when she was still a child.

"You know what, darling. I think it would be difficult for our son to find a wife once he grows up," said Charles all of a sudden while raising his eyebrows.

"Why?" curiously, Linda shot her husband a wondering stare.

"Well, since you all said that little potato is just like me, then he's bound to find a girl like you in the future. However, perfection is a rare thing, so I don't think that little potato will find a woman as perfect as you that easily."

Linda knew that Charles was just cracking her up. Nonetheless, she still found him really funny and she couldn't stop giggling.

She was twirling the coffee cup in her hand as the wind kept blowing gently. It was odd that Linda didn't feel cold at all amidst the snow.

She had spent last year's New Year alone inside a hospital.

It was fortunate that Lord Nalan was there for her and made her feel warm at her most difficult times.

Moreover, she could also say that God had been really good to her. She got married to Charles and Charles never disappointed her. He was indeed a very good man. Now all she needed to do was to enjoy

rear view silently. Nevertheless, it was obvious that he was very much interested in the two's topic. After a few seconds' silence, Paul couldn't hold himself anymore and blurted, "Victoria calls Young Master even more frequently than she calls their parents."

Paul actually received calls from Victoria about every two weeks. However, Charles had always been firm with his instructions to reject the call or to directly transfer it to Lord Mu's number.

"Really?" raising her eyebrows, Linda stared at Charles with amusement.

She perfectly knew that Paul was just making fun of Charles.

Still, she pretended to be serious and continued Paul's prank.

"Paul! What's wrong with your head? Is it already the time to get Silver a good man?" Charles knew that Paul was just making fun of him. However, there was nothing he could do about it since his beloved wife decided to tease him too. Although he was angry, he ended up laughing instead.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, Young Master." Paul instantly panicked upon hearing Charles' words. He couldn't just allow his master to introduce a boyfriend to Silver. No way!

"My Lady, I was just talking nonsense. Indeed, Victoria frequently calls Young Master, but Young Master didn't answer her phone for once in these three years."

That reaction from Paul almost drove Linda crazy while laughing. His words were both irritating and funny at the same time.

It was so obvious from the statement that Victoria was indeed her rival in love.

She pretty much understood that she shouldn't be looking at Victoria in such a way. But then, she couldn't just let anyone go closer and steal her man away. She also wanted Charles' love. Instantly, Linda knew that there wouldn't be much affinity going on between her and Victoria.

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