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   Chapter 836 Cindy Always Ignores Me

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Charles nodded calmly upon hearing Paul's words.

"Lord Mu wants you to bring Lady Linda to the Mu Clan's mansion tonight for dinner."

"Tell him that we won't be coming today."

Carrying Little Potato in his arms, Charles turned to look at Linda. "Honey, let's take Little Potato and Little Tomato to the amusement park to have some fun. We haven't taken them out anywhere fun until now."

Linda nodded but she was still feeling curious about the woman that Paul had mentioned just now.

Who was Victoria Song?

Linda had never heard of this name until now.

"Paul, who is Victoria?" she asked.

"Oh, My Lady, you might not know Lady Victoria. She is Young Master's sister."

Paul had barely finished speaking when Charles said, "She's not my sister."

Linda was stunned by Charles's words.

'She isn't his sister? Then who is she?' she thought, confused.

"Young Master, Lady Victoria hasn't been back for about three years, so Lord Mu wants you to come and see her," Paul continued hesitantly.

"Who on earth is she? Your sister? I didn't know you have a sister. Anyway, if she's your sister, why don't you want to go and see her? Three years is a long time."

Linda was mystified by Charles's indifferent attitude toward Victoria Song.

"Paul, just go ahead! Tell me more about her."

"It's better if we just don't talk about her. She's not my sister. She's the daughter of my father's comrade who died during the war. His wife was so depressed by his death that she took her own life. So, my father brought their daughter, who was only about a year old then, to our house and looked after her," Charles explained.

"Oh..." Linda said softly.

Although Charles had given such a long explanation, she still thought that something seemed off.

With Little Potato in his arms, Charles continued, "Trust me, dear. I don't have any special or close relationship with her. But if you want to see her, we can go to the Mu Clan's mansion after we take Little Potato and Little Tomato to the amusement park. After all, it's not such an important thing."

Linda nodded, satisfied by this response.

She'd never doubted Charles's love for her and she knew that he would never cheat on her.

She also didn't care about who Victoria Song was and what might have happened between her and Charles. After all, Charles was her husband and the father of her two babies.

Even if Charles and Victoria Song had had some kind of relationship before, it didn't matter to Linda.

So, she decided to drop the topic of Victoria Song.

Paul, who was

dy before, but he wouldn't lose it now. He would keep waiting for her to accept his love unless Cindy explicitly told him that she didn't like him anymore or fell in love with another man.

Linda didn't know what to do about this matter. After all, she didn't know whether Cindy would fall for another man during these three years. And even if Cindy still had feelings for Paul, Linda didn't know if Paul was the right man for Cindy. But no matter how much she tried to persuade Paul to give Cindy up, Paul insisted on loving Cindy and trying to win her over without paying attention to Linda's worries and advice.

After missing a chance to be in a relationship with someone, many people would be regretful and try their best to chase the person again even if they had no idea whether they would have a happy ending or not. The result always depended on the effort they put into the one they were chasing as well as themselves.

Half an hour later, they arrived at the amusement park.

As Linda stood in front of the gate, she had mixed emotions.

She hadn't been to this place for a long time.

She remembered that the last time she'd come here was when she'd been a primary school student.

She sighed, missing the happy moments in her childhood.

"Have you ever been here before?" Linda asked.

Charles shook his head. "No."

Linda laughed and said, "You must not have had a happy childhood then. You didn't get to do interesting things that other kids did. Can you see the Ferris wheel there? When I was a little girl, my mother brought me and my sister here to ride the Ferris wheel. We loved sitting in it as it slowly turned round and round."

"Well, it seems that you had a happy childhood."

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