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   Chapter 835 Lady Victoria Was Back

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Linda thought that Patricia was a victim of her own schemes.

That woman wasn't nice or respectable after all. Patricia had always used every means to get benefits for herself even if it meant framing other people up.

She had done so many bad things and Linda was more than sure that she would pay a heavy price for those.

Meanwhile, Charles had decided to have a rest inside the Mu Clan's villa.

He wanted to spend this time with his wife and kids. His business had gotten him so busy these past few days and he terribly missed his family.

Linda stretched her arms to the other side of the bed groggily. She was still half asleep. She was so used to feeling nothing beside her every morning since Charles usually left home too early. However, her eyes instantly fluttered when she felt her fingertips touched something warm and muscular, a man's chest!

"Honey, what are you doing?" asked Charles in a low voice.

"Uh, nothing. I thought you had gone to the company," Linda murmured.

She then lazily moved towards Charles and buried her face on his chest.

That sweet action made Charles smile. He tenderly put his arms around Linda and said, "I'm not going to the office today. I want to stay at home and spend the whole day with you, Little Tomato, and Little Potato."

Nodding happily, Linda took the calendar from their bedside table and gazed at it for some while.

"New Year is coming next week, darling. Shall we visit our parents and buy some gifts for them?" she asked.

As a response, Charles gently touched her small nose and said, "Good idea. We haven't visited them for a long time. I thought you forgot about them."

Linda did not say anything but just giggled. After a minute, she furrowed her eyebrows and asked, "Really? How is that possible?"

Actually, she and Charles used to visit the Mu Clan's old mansion every week. They would usually have dinner there and meet their parents. However, a lot of things had changed and they were both too busy now.

Linda was too occupied with the Nalan Clan's issues and Charles was busy with his work. They hadn't been back to their parents' home for a long time.

There were some days when James and Violet came to their villa to visit their grandchildren.

Donna had also looked after Linda and the babies for a while.

"Charles, how about we visit our parents with the babies today? We hadn't been home for a while. I missed them very

really have anyone to talked to if Charles wasn't at home.

SH City hadn't experienced that much snow for almost a decade. However, by some odd reasons, it was snowing here right now.

Everything suddenly looked immaculately white around them as the soft snow blanketed everything in sight.

"Wow, it's snowing!" Linda giggled while holding Little Tomato. She was surprised to see these beautiful snowflakes falling gently from the sky.

Curious about the snow, Little Tomato tried to catch the snowflakes with her tiny hands. Nevertheless, the snowflake melted quickly so she caught nothing except the water.

Her baby's wondering expression made Linda smile. She then gently bent down at Little Tomato and kissed her.

She thought Little Tomato and Little Potato were her perfect little angels. They could make her happy. Just seeing their cute faces could make Linda's troubles all go away.

Charles was carrying Little Potato as he walked out of the door.

It was obvious that Little Potato was also curious about the snow. However, he didn't catch it like his sister. He just raised his head and watched the falling snowflakes.

His innocent eyes were bright as he looked up. He was like an angel who was emerged into his own snow world.

Little Tomato and Little Potato were born with two different personalities. It didn't matter to Linda because both of her babies were her pride and joy.

The family was still enjoying the tender snow when Paul walked towards Linda and Charles with a black umbrella. He then said, "My Lady, Young Master, I have received a report that Lady Victoria was back."

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