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   Chapter 833 Look For A Way Out To Get Rid Of The Trouble

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Patricia wanted Jessie to go away but Holly wanted her to stay.

Holly took Jessie's hand in hers. "Don't leave, Jessie. What is the idea that you have? How can we force Devin to marry Patricia? Is there a way?"

Patricia was annoyed by this whole conversation.

She felt that Jessie was here just to punish her or jeer at her.

"Since such an unpleasant incident has happened today that might cause a bad impact on both the Nalan Clan and your clan, I'm sure the Nalan Clan will do something to deal with it in a proper way, so you don't have to worry about that. Besides, Patricia is pregnant with Devin's baby..."

"I'm pregnant?" Patricia asked, feeling very confused.

"Yes." Jessie nodded.

"You must be imagining things. I'm not pregnant."

Patricia had only had sex with Devin once, so there was very little chance that she'd gotten pregnant.

"Learn to be polite! Jessie is here to help us, so how dare you be rude to her?" Jimmy slapped Patricia in the face.

Patricia was stunned for a few seconds. She felt upset that her father had hit her in front of Jessie.

Her eyes brimmed with tears but she didn't dare say anything more.

Jimmy continued, "Let me tell you something. If you're not able to get married to Devin, I will give you to the boss of the Zhao's Group and let you become his wife."

Upon hearing her father, Patricia couldn't control her emotions anymore; tears started to fall from her eyes.

Fred Zhao, the boss of the Zhao's Group, was a tall, fat man in his forties. His wife had died two years ago. Patricia would never be willing to marry such a man!

Some men in this world were selfish and heartless, satisfied only by their status, the fortune they made, and the death of their wives. Fred was that sort of man.

No one knew how Fred's wife had died. It was possible that he was the one who had harmed her.

"Don't..." Patricia sobbed in a low voice.

"Uncle Jimmy, don't blame Patricia anymore. What happened wasn't her fault. It was just an accident. What we should do now is to try our best to remedy the situation,"

Jessie said.

Jimmy looked at Jessie as she spoke and couldn't help thinking that she was beautiful, gentle, and elegant. And more importantly, she was clever and capable.

However, his daughter didn't seem to have a patch on Jessie.

In his eyes, other people's children were always better than hi

e thing just to set her up, would Jessie still help her?

No way.

Jessie would never help her if she figured out her real plot.

"Yes?" Jessie prompted her again.

"I wanted to help Rosy punish Linda, so I got someone to drug her drink. But for some reason, Linda seemed to be fine even after drinking it."

"And then?"

"And then... Well, something seemed to be wrong with what I drank. Then, a waiter came over and told me that Rosy wanted to see me in that hotel room,"

Patricia said hesitantly.

She explained what happened that evening.

Of course, she hid one important detail from Jessie, which was the fact that she'd wanted to set Jessie up. That had been her original plan, but she hadn't expected her plan to backfire on her instead.

Luckily for Patricia, Jessie didn't find her words suspicious.

After all, lies always sounded more believable when they were mixed with the truth.

So, Jessie took Patricia's words at face value and didn't bother thinking too much about them.

"Linda is very clever, so she probably figured out your plan. You can't act so rashly from now on," Jessie advised her.

"What should I do now?"

"Don't be so anxious. I know a way for you to marry Devin, but you should trust me and do as I tell you. Got it?"

"What should I do?"

Jessie leaned in and whispered something in Patricia's ear.

After hearing her, Patricia immediately shook her head. "No, no. Are you trying to get me into trouble? What if someone discovers the truth? The Nalan Clan will never let me off."

"Why would it be discovered?" Jessie asked.

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