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   Chapter 832 Force Him To Marry Her

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 10017

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Now that things had become serious, Queenie thought it was time for her to have a good talk with Anna. She had to talk Anna into giving Becker up, otherwise that woman would definitely ruin her son's life.

"Leave it alone. Let's talk about it later. It's getting late already," Lenny said, gesturing for Rosy to leave. He knew that this matter couldn't be solved overnight.

"Yes, father. I should go to bed now. Mr. Wang and Mrs. Wang, please have a good rest too,"

Rosy said meekly.

Queenie nodded to her, pleased by her good manners.

She had an even better impression of Rosy now.

Rosy was behaving like a well-educated lady, in contrast to Linda and Anna, who didn't know their place at all. Queenie hated both of them.

Jessie accompanied Rosy back to her bedroom.

Seeing Rosy sulking on her bed, Jessie patted her on the shoulder and said a few words to comfort her. "Rosy, go to sleep. I should get going now. Don't think too much about what Becker did. Anna is not qualified to be his wife. Understand?"

"No, Jessie. Don't leave me tonight. I feel so bad now. Please stay here and keep me company," Rosy pleaded, holding Jessie's hand in hers. She really didn't want Jessie to leave now.

Like Jessie had said, Rosy knew the huge difference in status between Anna and her. She was a noble lady while Anna was just an adopted orphan. And yet, this wasn't enough to make her feel better.

Every time she thought about how well Becker treated Anna, she felt annoyed and sad.

And after what had happened tonight, she needed someone to stay by her side and share the sadness with her.

"Okay, I'll keep you company tonight. But allow me to go out for an hour and a half because I have something important to handle. I have to go to the Zhuo Clan's house now," Jessie said as she looked at the time on her phone.

"Why are you going to the Zhuo Clan's house?" Rosy asked, confused about Jessie's intentions.

"I have to give Patricia a good piece of advice to set her mind at ease." Jessie smiled with a cunning look in her eyes, but Rosy couldn't understand what that look meant.

"I don't get it. Please speak more clearly. Why do you need to set Patricia's mind at ease? She was shameless enough to sleep with my brother today! I don't think she's a good match for my brother," Rosy said, furrowing her eyebrows in contempt.

Jessie's lips curved up into a mysterious smile.

"It doesn't matter whether she's a good match for your brother or not. We have to get her married to your brother."

It was beyond Rosy's intelligence to try to understand Jessie's intentions. She couldn't even begin to guess what was going on in Jessie's mind.

But it didn't matter because Rosy had full trust in Jessie. She believed that whatever Jessie did was for her good, so she gestured for Jessie to carry on with her work.

"Okay, you can go now, but please come back in an hour and a half. I'll ask my driver to drive you there. It's very late at night now,

good idea for you to solve this problem."

"What do you mean?" Patricia looked back at Jessie with a pair of wary eyes.

Holly, on the other hand, perked up a lot more when she heard Jessie's words. A dash of expectation flashed through her eyes.

She really wanted a good solution to this problem. It hadn't been easy for her to bring up a daughter and she really hoped that her daughter's bright future wouldn't be ruined because of this one incident. She wanted Patricia to at least marry into a good family that could support the Zhuo Clan in their business.

But news of this scandal would spread through the whole upper-class circle very soon. None of the rich men would be willing to marry Patricia. Marrying the son of the Nalan Clan was not just the best option that Patricia had, it was the only option.

But earlier in the hotel room, Holly could see that Devin Nalan didn't have the slightest interest in her daughter. She knew that it wouldn't be easy to convince him to marry her.

"Jessie, what's your solution?"

Holly asked with a polite smile tugging at the corners of her red lips.

"Force Devin to marry Patricia," Jessie blurted out.

"Force him to marry me? Are you kidding me? You know Master Devin doesn't love me at all. How should I do? Jessie, did you come here to show off? You know he loves you, don't you? I'm already miserable enough, why are you giving me such ridiculous advice now? Does seeing me suffer make you happy?" Patricia lost control of her emotions.

Anyway, since her future was filled with gloom now, she wasn't afraid of offending Jessie. She didn't care if Jessie exposed those photos to the public anymore.

Hearing Patricia's hysterical rant, Jessie shook her head and said, "I hadn't finished speaking yet, but since you don't seem to believe me and you have zero faith in yourself, it's unnecessary for me to say anything more. I should leave now. Goodbye!" After finishing her words, she immediately turned around to leave.

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