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   Chapter 831 It's My Fault

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Becker could guess who had tried to harm Anna, of course, but he didn't care about that now since Anna was here safe and sound with him.

Although he still couldn't figure out who had actually fallen into the river instead of Anna, he put that thought aside for the moment.

He was just pleased and satisfied that Anna was fine.

If Anna had really fallen into the river, Becker would be feeling very upset right now.

After all, Anna was the person he loved the most in the world.

Linda walked out of the cabin of the ship, deciding to head home. Charles was waiting for her outside the cabin. When he saw Linda step out, he took off his coat and reached out to put it on her.

"I don't feel cold," Linda uttered, shaking her head.

Charles wasn't wearing many layers today. All he was wearing under the coat was a shirt and a thin sweater.

But he quickly wrapped the coat around Linda's shoulders.

"It's windy now, and it's good for you to wear more clothes whether it's cold or not. Don't worry about me. I'm perfectly healthy."

"Is that so? How healthy are you?" Linda turned to him and asked, feeling a bit amused.

She knew how much Charles loved her and cared about her all the time.

"Don't you know that my body's in great condition? Why don't you find out tonight?"

Linda blushed upon hearing him.

She gently patted Charles on the arm to remind him that they were surrounded by people.

In fact, Brian was standing right behind them. When he heard Charles's words, he shook his head in displeasure. "Charles, how can you flirt with Linda in front of so many people? Do you always just ignore everyone around you?"

Charles glanced up at the dark sky and replied, "You stay with your wife too. You can do whatever you like."

"I know she's always beside me, but..."

Brian swallowed his own saliva and pulled Bun into his arms.

"She's pregnant now, so it's inconvenient to do many things."

"You can't do what you want to do because your wife is pregnant, but you're acting like it's my fault," Charles retorted.

Brian always found that he couldn't win against Charles in an argument.

Even though Charles seldom talked to other people, he was good at bickering. He could defeat practically anyone in an argument, making them feel morose and helpless.

Brian had already been separated from Bun for a long time.

Although Bun had never complained about Brian not being by her side, Linda had seen a touch of loneliness and unhappiness in her eyes. After all, Bun loved Brian a lot and wanted him to keep her company every day.

y would feel pity for her and be sorry about this matter. If Rosy could win their sympathy, their plan was more likely to be successful.

The marriage of the members from large and rich clans like the Wang Clan and the Nalan Clan would always be arranged by parents.

So, it would be very difficult for Becker to get married to Anna.

In fact, it wouldn't be easy for him to even call off the engagement with Rosy.

After all, the Nalan Clan was a large and influential clan which would not let him take the liberty to do that rashly.

Besides, the Wang Clan was also a powerful clan, but Anna was just an orphan, so they would never allow Becker to get married to her.

Because of Anna's poor background, she wouldn't be able to help Becker further his career after they got married.

On the other hand, Rosy would be able to help Becker develop his business. Since she was from the wealthy Nalan Clan, she was always proud and confident and looked down on Anna all the time. That was why she was feeling so insecure and jealous after finding out that Becker liked Anna enough to risk his life and career for her.

"How do you intend to deal with this matter? Becker's behavior has put the Nalan Clan in an embarrassing position," Lenny said flatly with a hint of blame in his eyes. He was finally breaking the silence.

Queenie and Wesley exchanged uncomfortable glances.

They didn't know what to do now either. Since their son was the one who was at fault, Queenie and Wesley had no choice but to tolerate Lenny's unkind words and unfriendly attitude.

Besides, Lord Nalan had once rescued Becker, so Queenie and Wesley had great respect for the Nalan Clan and didn't want to do anything to offend them.

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