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   Chapter 830 Linda Warned Becker

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Becker shook his head after checking his phone. "Oh, God! I can't turn my phone on! It was damaged," he said anxiously.

"I'm telling the truth, Anna. I bought a plane ticket to LJ City because I want to find you. However, my phone got damaged just now and I don't have any other proof with me. If you don't trust me, you can log in to my account on your phone and check it," he added.

Anna smiled and put a hand on his arm. She gently pulled him closer and made him sit down on the chair.

"Becker, it's okay. I believe in you. Look at you! Your hair is soaking wet. Come on, let me dry your hair. I don't want you to catch a cold," Anna said softly before giving him a quick once over and frowning.

She quickly took a big towel and stood behind Becker. Her fingers were gentle when she began drying his hair.

Little did she know how Becker's heart was flying around in his chest as she took care of him.

An unfamiliar emotion was filling him with so much warmth. It was indescribably wonderful and sweet, just like chocolate candies.

He had traveled to many countries and met all kinds of women.

He knew how it was to have more girls than he could handle. He could even say that he already knew everything about romance.

Nevertheless, he had never really loved any of those women before.

Anna was his first love and no one could be compared to her.

She was very special. Her touch, scent, and even the mere sound of her voice could give him shivers. He could feel electricity running down his veins every time Anna touched him. Only she could make his heart haywire like how it was doing right now.

Linda, Bun, and Brian smiled upon seeing the tender view. They all didn't want to be the third wheels so they looked at each other and then left the cabin quietly.

It was then that Linda's phone suddenly rang. She grinned upon seeing the caller's ID on her phone. It was "bastard."

She had changed Charles' name to "bastard" for fun.

She smiled and picked the phone up quickly. "Darling," she said in a sweet and gentle voice.

Charles' heart somersaulted upon hearing her kitten-like voice. There was no denying how much he loved this woman.

"How are things going with Becker and Anna?" he asked.

"Things seem to be going really good. I'm so glad that they're back together. However, I'm afraid that their trips to LJ City went up in smoke. I already k

background. She was not only supported by Charles and the whole Mu Clan but was also supported by the Xia Clan.

The Xia Clan's business had developed very well in the past year because of the Mu Clan's unyielding support.

On top of that, Linda also had her influence in the Nalan Clan.

She warned Becker because she took Anna as her good friend. She wanted Anna to be happy in the future.

She really wouldn't mind kicking the Wang Clan's business out of China if Becker missed keeping his promise. Moreover, she could even assure that the Wang Clan's faces wouldn't surface in Chinese market again if he dared to double-cross her.

"I know. Don't worry. I will never hurt Anna," Becker said sincerely.

He was far from being annoyed even when Linda was already crumpling his collars.

Anna felt extremely moved by how Becker handled the situation. Linda loved her and always took her as a good friend. She couldn't be more grateful for that.

"Okay, you can go now. Charles' team will get you to the private plane," Linda finally said in a contented tone and released Becker's collars.

"Oh, I've just thought of something. Who was hung on the bridge earlier? Was that you, Anna?" Becker suddenly asked as he walked to the door.

"You know what. Think of these things after you guys enjoy your trip to LJ City. You're smart, Becker. You know the right things to do. I don't have to tell you who hates Anna," Linda replied to his question.

Becker nodded upon hearing those words and said, "I know. I will make this right. Anna is my woman. I would do anything to protect her."

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