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   Chapter 829 Believe Me

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"Anna!" Becker yelled. But no matter how loud his voice was, he couldn't stop Anna from falling. He could feel his heart pounding out of his chest.

There was a loud splash as Anna fell into the river.

Becker leaned forward to see where she'd fallen but the river was too dark for him to see anything.

The cold wind continued blowing there.

Meanwhile, Rosy was in a good mood after seeing Anna fall into the river.

She felt satisfied that her plan had gone as she had expected.

It didn't matter if Becker had been fond of Anna.

After falling from such a big height into the river in this cold weather, there was no way that Anna would manage to survive.

"Oops. Well, you can't blame us. It seems Anna has a lot of enemies who want to kill her. Otherwise, why would someone shoot and break the rope all of a sudden?"

A member of the Mu Security Team shrugged and smiled at Becker.

Becker wanted nothing more than to punch that smile out of his face.

He was really worried about Anna.

He quickly surveyed the height of the bridge and came to the conclusion that if he jumped into the river from there, he might be able to rescue Anna.

Becker was from one of the four richest and most powerful clans in SH City, so he had once received strict military training and could swim in the sea for over half an hour.

Without hesitation, he took off his suit jacket and then jumped into the river.

Rosy, who was standing behind him, cried out in alarm. "Becker, don't do such a silly thing!"

However, Becker had already jumped down. Besides, even if he'd heard Rosy say that, he would have still jumped into the river without bothering to give her a response.

The moment Anna saw Becker jump into the river, she became panicked and upset.

"My Lady, please rescue him! How could he jump into the river like that? It's really dangerous!"

Linda looked at Anna calmly. "You have nothing to do with him, right? So does whether he lives or dies have anything to do with you?"

"I don't have any relationship with him but he jumped into the river because of me. I don't want him to die like that! Oh, my God!"

"Since you know that he jumped into the river because of you, have you figured out whether he truly loves you or not

an work hard and achieve everything on my own."

After hearing Becker, Anna felt even more upset, but she didn't know why she was feeling that way.

She had finally found out how much Becker loved her. Most people put their own lives in front of everyone else's. But today, Becker had jumped into the water without caring about his own life just to save her. It was more than enough to prove that he loved her very much.

Linda was pleased with Becker's actions. He hadn't disappointed her at all.

"Anna, I was planning to go to LJ City to look for you after the engagement party today. I've already booked a flight for tonight which would take off a bit later than yours so that I'd get there when you found a place to stay.

I don't know how to explain the engagement to you. I admit that I agreed to it because I wanted to take over the domestic business of the Wang Clan, but now, I feel that nothing is more important than having you in my life. I will be happy and satisfied as long as you're together with me."

Becker liked everything about Anna. Even though she wasn't the best woman out there, in Becker's eyes, she was absolutely lovely and beautiful, and she was the right one for him.

"Really?" Anna asked.

Becker forced a smile and took his phone out of his pocket to show Anna his flight information. However, since he had jumped into the river earlier, his phone had gotten soaked in the water and didn't work now. He was unable to turn on the phone even after trying several times.

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