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   Chapter 828 Drop Into The River

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 8852

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Anna was puzzled by Linda's words. She turned to her and asked, "My Lady, what do you mean?"

With a thin smile, Linda replied, "Just wait for a moment. We're in for a good show."

There was a device in Linda's car that enabled them to eavesdrop on the conversation between Becker and the men of the Mu Security Team.

Meanwhile, on the bridge, one of the men from the Mu Security Team bent down and picked up the bank card from the ground.

"That's good. Becker Wang, what's the relationship between you and Anna Xu?" he asked.

"I get Anna once you get the money. That was our deal. I don't need to explain our relationship to you, do I?"

Becker asked angrily.

"You don't need to explain? Becker Wang, your woman is in our hands now. You better mind your manners! Be polite and honest. Just answer my question!"

Inside the car, Brian couldn't help but burst into laughter after listening to this conversation.

"Wow, Linda, did you hear that? Why do the men from the Mu Security Team sound like hooligans? How does Charles usually train them? Their performance is way better than my expectations. They're acting like real gangsters now!"

Instead of replying to Brian's teasing, Linda merely smiled and signaled him to be quiet so that they could continue listening to the exchange between Becker and the men of the Mu Security Team.

"Okay, I'll answer you. She means everything to me. Anna is the woman I love," Becker replied after taking a deep breath.

Just then, Rosy and Jessie arrived at the spot.

The first thing Rosy heard when she got out of the car was "Anna is the woman I love".

Rosy's hands began to tremble in anger. Those words pierced her heart like thorns.

She slammed the car door violently and yelled, "Master Becker!"

Despite her loud yelling, Becker didn't even turn to look at her.

His mind was completely preoccupied with trying to ensure Anna's safety.

He wasn't in the mood to talk to Rosy or give her any attention.

In addition, Becker had a nagging suspicion that this whole kidnapping incident had been planned by Rosy and that she was just pretending to be innocent.

"Master Becker! Answer me!" Rosy called out again, feeling upset about the way he was treating her. Annoyed, Becker turned around and shouted, "Shut up!"

Startled, Rosy staggered back a few steps. Jessie quickly held her up and pulled her to one side, beckoning her to be quiet for the moment.

It was getting late and it would be nine o'clock at night. The wind on the bridge became stronger and chillier. To make things worse, a few drops of rain began falling down.

Burning with anxiety, Becke

k about it. He suddenly realized that there was something odd about these men.

Had they kidnapped Anna just for ten million dollars? And why did they seem to care so much about his relationship with Anna?

He turned around and gave Rosy a simple glance. She looked confused about the situation too. 'Why does Rosy look confused? Didn't she plan this whole kidnapping?' he wondered.

But anyway, that wasn't his priority now. He didn't want to think too much about it. All he wanted was to see Anna standing in front of him safe and sound.

He knew that Anna had planned to go on a trip to LJ City. For the past few days, he had restrained himself from seeing Anna because he'd wanted to give her some time to calm down.

But in actuality, he had already booked an airline ticket to LJ City and had been planning to fly there to see her once the engagement party was over. However, his plan had gone down the drain when Anna had been kidnapped.

Seeing Anna being dangled from such a high place made Becker's heart ache. 'My dear Anna, you must be so frightened right now!'

Even though he was a man, Becker would feel a little scared if he was the one being dangled from the bridge. He couldn't imagine how Anna must be feeling.

For the first time in his life, Becker had felt the fear of losing something important. Imagining his life without Anna filled him with anguish.

He walked to the guardrail of the bridge and thrust out his hands to catch Anna. The men he had talked to had kept their word and were now slowly lowering her.

But all of a sudden, a bullet whistled over his head and flew toward the rope.

The rope tied around Anna's body immediately broke.

Anna dropped straight down to the surging river like a stringless kite.

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