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   Chapter 827 To Check Becker's Sincerity

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Sunshine Characters: 7885

Updated: 2019-05-30 00:39

Once Rosy remembered that Anna would die today in a very humiliating way, she felt so excited that she couldn't wait for it to happen.

As she went downstairs with Rosy, she wondered how to tell Becker about Anna's kidnapping as naturally as possible. Fortunately, Linda helped her to do that the next moment.

Linda walked over to Becker, who was toasting to the guests, and chatted with him for a while. Becker was surprised when he saw Linda approach him and wondered why she would come over and talk to him all of a sudden. Nevertheless, he maintained a pleasant conversation with her.

Just then, Bun suddenly ran in and shouted in an anxious voice, "My Lady! Bad news! My Lady! You must save her! It's Anna! She is in danger!"

"What's wrong? What happened to Anna?" Lind

hat Becker really loved her and that he was actually forced to get engaged to Rosy to obtain the domestic execution right for his business.

Linda knew Anna well and believed that Anna loved Becker. Otherwise, why was Anna so miserable now? Wasn't it because she loved Becker?

Hearing Linda's words, Anna lowered her head in frustration.

"Ten million dollars is just a small amount of money for him. It doesn't prove anything."

Linda nodded silently. Anna was right, of course. As the successor of the Wang Clan, Becker had tens of billions of dollars in assets. It was no big deal for him to part with 10 million dollars for a woman.

"Never mind, Anna. If you're still not sure whether he loves you or not, I'll help you confirm it," said Linda with a reassuring smile.

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