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   Chapter 826 Unable To Rescue Her

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"Don't worry about this. I've come up with a good idea. If I'm guessing it right, your father will not agree to marry Devin to Patricia. On the contrary, what we need do is to figure out a way to have the two get married."

Rosy was surprised to hear Jessie.

"What? Patricia doesn't even deserve my brother at all!"

"So what? It doesn't matter if they are a match or not. You don't have to care about that. What we need to do is to make sure that the Nalan Clan's properties will only belong to you in the future. The only choice you have now is to follow my plan."

Rosy grew even more hesitant upon hearing Jessie. She bit her bottom lip for a while and then said, "Jessie, I don't think it is appropriate for us to do such a reckless thing against my own brother."

"Well, you have no other choice. You can either choose to be a coward and stay being bullied by Linda, your brother, and everybody in the Wang Clan, or you can choose to be a brave lady and fight for your own gains decisively."

Those words from her best friend made Rosy realize the cruel reality.

Thus, she drew a deep breath and then nodded her head. "Okay, I will do as you said."

Jessie looked at Rosy earnestly. She then took one of the lady's hand and gently held it in hers.

"You must trust me. I'm doing all this for your good. Just like in your clan, there isn't any people who sincerely cares about you, Rosy. Remember that every man lives only for himself. Thus, you should fight back and strive for your own interests too."

Jessie tried to persuade Rosy with her sweet voice. Little did Rosy know though that the woman before her was already plotting a very fatal blow against her brother, Devin.

Frankly, Jessie was aware that carrying out a plan as morbid as what she was thinking of would take some time.

This time, she decided to take this chance to get even with Patricia too. A little suffering would never be enough to satisfy her. She wanted Patricia to cry like a baby and beg after she was done. That woman had to pay the price of trying to break her friendship with Rosy.

She believed that Patricia wasn't capable of breaking the relationship between her and Rosy.

Patricia wasn't powerful. Moreover, she wasn't capable of anything at all. She was not even clever or competent enough to do risky things.

Anna quickly arrived at the RO Hotel in accordance with Linda's instruction. She was about to give Jessie a fatal blow. Abduction was a crime. Linda could just imagine how shock Jessie would be as soon as she saw Anna and realized that her plans were discovered.

"Linda, we've met Anna. We will get inside the hotel with her very soon,"

Brian sa

was the mastermind of this crime if the matter really needed to be investigated. There was simply no evidence on her phone. Moreover, a lot of people had scam messages on their phone's too without really knowing what those messages meant.

People would only think that they were just simple scam messages.

After making sure that Tiger sent the message, Linda went back to the hotel quickly as she wanted to see the things that would happen next. She wasn't worried about Tiger at all since she knew that Sam was more than capable of handling him.

Meanwhile though, Rosy and Jessie were still sitting inside one of the hotel's VIP room.

They were both focused on the phone that was sitting silently on top of the coffee table.

"Ding!" The phone suddenly let out a loud and clear sound.

Jessie hurriedly picked up her phone and took a glance.

"Rosy, everything has been done."

Rosy's eyes lit up with pleasant surprise.


"Yes. The phone number of this SIM card is the one which isn't showing any real-name registration. I told the person who would do the task to message me if it is successful and only call me if the plan fails.

Now that he sent me the message, it means that the task is successful,"

said Jessie. She then took the SIM card out of the phone and went to the bathroom nearby. She broke the SIM card in half and threw it to the toilet and flushed it down afterward.

"Something interesting is going to happen next. Becker likes Anna, right? I will let him personally see the woman he loves die. He might be very helpless and in despair when he is unable to rescue her."

Rosy intended to have Becker give up on Anna.

Anna was like a time bomb in Rosy's eyes and Rosy wasn't that generous to allow Becker to have a mistress.

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