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   Chapter 825 Why Should Devin Inherit The Family Property

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Updated: 2019-05-30 00:02

Of course, Linda would never reveal these photos to the public unless she had to.

For example, if Patricia crossed her limit and tested Linda's patience, then Linda would have to resort to using these photos.

She knew well that if these photos were released online, the news would spread like wildfire in the upper classes, causing Patricia's good name to be ruined.

Being part of a rich and powerful clan herself, Linda was also striving to look good in the public eye, so she understood how important a good name was to anyone who belonged to a powerful clan.

That was why she'd asked Bun to take those photos. If there came a situation when she needed to protect herself from Patricia, she would have a bargaining chip in hand.

In the restroom on the first floor...

Rosy wasn't in the mood for entertaining the guests anymore. She and her friend, Jessie, were drinking and gossiping about the big scandal that had just happened.

"What a phony bitch Patricia is! How dare she climb into bed with my brother?"

Rosy asked angrily.

Jessie didn't respond. She was silently thinking about the whole event.

She knew that Patricia wouldn't have been able to do it alone and that she must have either had help from someone or been tricked into this whole situation.

But Jessie kept these thoughts to herself. She knew that if she told Rosy, Rosy's hatred toward Patricia might reduce, and that was the last thing she wanted.

"Don't be angry, Rosy," she said at last.

"How could I not be? To tell you the truth, my brother always keeps saying that he likes you! And he has asked me about you several times! Now, Patricia has taken away what should have belonged to you!" Rosy screamed in rage.

Jessie nodded in reply.

She was sensitive to other people's emotions and could tell that Devin had feelings for her.

But she had never mentioned this to Rosy or to anyone else.

Besides, Devin had never confessed his love to her or revealed it to her father. Maybe it was because Devin wasn't that into her.

Jessie knew that her family background was no match for Devin's and that there

y but she was going to end up inheriting none of her family property.

It wasn't a stretch to say that her brother was taking advantage of her.

They were both the offspring of the Nalan Clan. What made him superior to her?

"Jessie, you've made a good point. Why didn't I realize it before?" Rosy was annoyed with herself.

"Don't worry, it doesn't matter how you thought before. What matters now is getting a grip of what should belong to you, a proper share of the Nalan Clan's property, with which you will be able to keep your pride after you marry into the Wang Clan," Jessie explained, her eyes shining.

Rosy's heart pounded with excitement as she looked at Jessie in the eyes.

All this time, she had taken it for granted that her father would pass the family business and the property to her elder brother.

She had never thought about disputing it with them.

Although preference for sons was an outdated concept, most families still valued sons more than daughters.

But now, Rosy couldn't stand the unfairness anymore.

They were living in modern society, so why did her father still retain such old-fashioned ideas and plan to pass the family business to Devin?

Linda was also a girl but Lord Nalan had given her a huge part of the Nalan Clan's property.

If Linda could inherit it, why couldn't Rosy?

"So what should I do to achieve what I want?" Rosy asked determinedly.

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