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   Chapter 824 Not Only The Journalists Have Taken The Photos

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 10897

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There was a reason for Patricia to try to get as much sympathy as she could from everyone. Deep in her heart, she had wanted to marry Devin for a long time. Now that they were in this situation, she thought she could use it to her advantage. Devin could be forced to marry her because of the circumstances that they were in.

Although the whole thing was a farce, no one present today could deny that Devin and Patricia had had sex. 'There's no way out for me since so many people have seen me naked on the same bed with him. I'll just have to take a gamble to see if he will marry me under such circumstances, ' Patricia thought to herself. Her mind was reeling with ideas and she was ready to risk everything at this moment.

After all, she knew that her status didn't match Devin's status and that Devin already liked someone else. And now, the girl he liked, Jessie, was back in SH City. Patricia had once hoped to approach Devin by getting close to Rosy. But with Jessie around Rosy all the time, it was hard for her to do so. This might be the only chance for her to end up with Devin. With that in mind, she began sobbing even harder in an attempt to gain more sympathy from everyone in the room.

"Oh, my poor daughter! Please don't cry. No one will blame you for this, you're a victim. Someone must have set you up with Master Nalan," Holly consoled Patricia in an exaggerated tone, trying to steer the Nalan men's opinions in her favor. She was feeling very excited, but she made sure her true emotions didn't show on her face. She turned to Jimmy and quickly gave him a wink.

Although Holly doted on her son way more than she did on her daughter, she'd always hoped that Patricia would be able to get married to a man from a powerful background. If Patricia's husband was from a powerful clan, her son's status would be elevated.

"Your mother's right. Please don't cry. I'm sure Lord Nalan will handle this matter in a fair way," Jimmy chipped in when he saw Holly's signal. Having been together for years, the two of them had a tacit understanding with each other. Jimmy could read Holly's thoughts just by looking at her eyes. So after seeing her wink, he immediately cooperated with her and said such words, putting the ball in Lenny's court now. On the other hand, Lenny was mortified when he heard their words.

"Master Nalan, I know you love someone else. I won't force you to be with me…" Patricia whispered in an aggrieved tone as she looked up at Devin from under her wet eyelashes.

However, her miserable appearance only made Devin feel even more repulsed and unhappy about her. He looked away immediately, avoiding eye contact with this woman that he had no feelings for.

As the host of the party today, Lenny felt like he had way too much on his plate. He stayed silent for a while, unable to deal with this problem on top of everything that was going on.

What was happening now was ridiculous. It would have been much easier to solve such an absurd situation in ancient times. Devin could have married Patricia without a second thought. Back then, men could have multiple wives and even concubines. However, in the modern world, marriages in clans were all about profit. 'The Nalan Clan won't get any benefit ou

e drug.

However, he wasn't ashamed of his thoughts at all.

"All right, I get it. I know what's on your mind now. Just leave this matter for now, we'll find some way to deal with it later. You should go and get a medical check-up in our private hospital first. I'm afraid that the drug you ingested might have some side effect," remarked Lenny.

Devin nodded in response. Then, Lenny sent two men to escort Devin away.

The farce was over for now. However, it had only been settled among the few main characters. Meanwhile, downstairs in the hall, the matter was being discussed in whispers among the guests present today.

In addition to all the socialites and celebrities, a lot of media reporters had been invited to the hotel as it was a big day for the Nalan Clan. These reporters had also seen everything that had been playing on the big screen a moment ago.

As journalists, they were always on the lookout for something newsworthy and were very quick to react. So as soon as the video of Devin and Patricia having sex started playing on the big screen, almost all the journalists took out their cameras immediately to capture the scene. They were thrilled to have access to such material. Some of them even thought that it made the trip to this boring banquet worth it. All they wanted to do right now was to get out of the banquet with all these valuable photos and video clips and get ready to break the big fat scandal.

But to their disappointment, as soon as they tried to exit the hall, they were stopped by the security guards and forced to hand over their cellphones and cameras.

Their faces twisted in agony as they followed the instructions of the security guards and deleted all the evidence.

They felt upset that they had managed to get such scandalous pictures but couldn't release them to the public.

It wasn't until all the relevant photos and videos on the journalists' devices had been cleared that the security guards allowed them to leave the place.

However, what the security guards didn't know was that the journalists weren't the only ones who had taken photos. Linda had made Bun take a lot of photos as well.

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