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   Chapter 823 There's Something Strange

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 9246

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The Guest Service Manager of the hotel was frightened when he realized that things weren't going according to plan and that he had gotten himself involved in big trouble.

His career might be ruined because of this stupid mistake.

Regret filled his heart.

Being a Guest Service Manager in this five-star hotel, he received a high salary of 20 thousand dollars every month.

But for a reward of a mere 50 thousand dollars, he had agreed to help the Lady of the Zhuo Clan and put his own career on the line. It wasn't worth the risk at all!

With trembling hands, the manager inserted the key into the lock and opened the door of Room 1822.

Downstairs in the hall, the guests were sitting restlessly. Many of them wanted to follow Lenny upstairs and watch the good show.

Of course, they didn't actually dare to do it. They could only stay in the hall and exchange gossip with one another.

In the end, only five people were standing in front of Room 1822 apart from the manager: Lenny, Rosy, Jessie, Linda, and Bun. No one had dared to stop Linda from following Lenny upstairs.

Holly Wei, Jimmy Zhuo, and Ronald Zhuo also quickly joined them after taking the elevator upstairs.

When the manager finally flung the door open, this small group of people could clearly hear the sound of moaning and heavy breathing coming from the bed. Everyone froze for a moment in embarrassment.

The noise at the door snapped Patricia back to her senses. She whipped her head around and, gazing through her messy strands of hair, saw a group of people standing at the doorstep. Then, much to her shock, she suddenly realized that she was naked in bed on top of a man! Flustered, she screamed and looked around for something to cover her body with.

Holly Wei squeezed her way through the group and rushed to the bed. She hastily took off her coat and wrapped it around Patricia's body.

Devin Nalan came back to his senses as well. He shook his head to clear it, trying his hardest to make sense of the situation.

'What happened? Why was I having sex with Patricia?' he thought, his heart racing fast.

"Get dressed now and go to the room next door! Explain everything to me!" Lenny ordered to Devin and Patricia. Then, he turned around and yelled to everyone else, "You all can leave now." Before leaving the room, Lenny took another glance at the bed. When he noticed a trace of blood on the bed sheet, he furrowed his eyebrows tightly. 'Gosh! It seems that Devin has taken the virginity of the Lady of the Zhuo Clan. It won't be easy to handle this matter now.' With a deep sigh, he walked out of the room.

Patricia still felt her head pounding. Her mind was in a mess.

She tried to recall what had happened, but the more she thou

herself into Holly's arms and sobbed. "I don't know either. I was in the hall and someone told me that Jessie was waiting for me upstairs, so I came up to the room. But I don't remember what happened next..."

"Lord Lenny, something strange is going on. It's a trap. I think we've been fooled by someone," Jimmy said to Lenny in a grave voice.

Jimmy was worried that Lenny wouldn't let his son marry Patricia. After all, they were not living in the ancient days. Now, a one night stand wouldn't necessarily end in a marriage. Moreover, the Zhuo Clan was not as powerful or wealthy as the Nalan Clan was. In other words, Patricia wouldn't be a perfect match for Devin in Lenny's eyes.

But no matter how Lenny was going to deal with this matter, Jimmy had to get some benefit from it. He couldn't let his daughter suffer through this disgrace for nothing.

After today, it would be more difficult for Jimmy to marry his daughter off to a good family.

"Yes, I know. Lord Zhuo, please don't worry. I'll handle it," Lenny said, nodding his head.

Devin was a gentleman by nature. Seeing Patricia sobbing like this made him feel guilty. Although he was a victim too, he knew that his reputation wouldn't be affected as badly since he was a man.

He felt baffled about what he should do.

Just like his father, he had noticed the trace of blood on the bed sheet earlier. Obviously, Patricia had lost her virginity to him. He had damaged a girl's reputation.

"Mother, I'm sorry. I really don't know how it all happened. What should I do now? How am I going to get married?" Her sobbing became heavier after she secretly stole a glance at Devin.

When she noticed the baffled and hesitant expression on Devin's face, she decided to make him feel guiltier by pretending to be a lot more upset about this than she really was.

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