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   Chapter 822 Why Did The Lady Of The Zhuo Clan Appear There

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Tiger quickly realized that he was tricked.

"Your real name is Bradley Yu, right?" asked Brian after reclining in the front passenger's seat in a relaxed way.

Tiger didn't make any reply. Since he was arrested, he would not say anything no matter how Brian talked to him.

On the other hand, Brian laughed upon noticing Tiger's silence. He mocked, "Why don't you speak?"

Still as silent as a ghost, Tiger just snorted and then looked away from Brian.

He believed in Jessie. She was a very clever woman after all. He knew that Jessie would easily figure out that something went wrong if she wouldn't receive any messages from him. All he needed to do now was to buy himself some time and wait for her action. He believed she could deal with this matter properly by then.

"Fine. You don't want to talk to me, right? Well, let's see how long can you keep your mouth shut." Brian shrugged his shoulder while smiling cunningly. "Tiger, isn't your real name is Bradley Yu? Your mother is Irene Xu and she lives in LS County..."

What Brian said instantly made Tiger startled and upset. His eyes were burning in anger when he glared at Brian and asked, "How'd you know this?"

With a dangerously calm smile, Brian patted Tiger's face repeatedly while saying, "It is easy to investigate this kind of information. I can give you two choices. You can either tell us who you are working for and what you really want to do."

Unwilling to tell the truth about Jessie, Tiger furrowed his eyebrows. He didn't want to betray her since doing so meant digging his own grave.

He knew very well that Jessie wouldn't even blink an eye and kill him once he spilled the bean. She was notorious. She was nothing but a heartless woman who would never let him slip away in case he double-crossed her.

A deep sigh escaped Tiger's chest upon having these thoughts. He then tilted his head to one side and coldly said, "What's the second choice then?"

"Well, or you can choose not to tell me about that. However, I really cannot promise anything about your mother's safety. Worse case, her death. You cannot blame anyone if ever. I already gave you a choice."

Tiger understood what Brian meant.

Thus he uttered in a low voice, "My mother is already over 50 years old. Can't you just please leave her alone?"

"As I said, this is all up to you."

Brian chuckled mockingly. He was a very experienced torturer and interrogator. He had been personally interrogating a lot of international spies in the past.

Thus, holding Tiger by the next was very easy for him. He doubted it that Tiger could even play tricks right now. The only option left for this pitiful man was to follow whatever he said.

"Okay. I can tell you anything but

time with her head bowed low. She guessed that someone deliberately arranged this matter and played the video on the LED screen.

Then she instinctively raised her head and looked towards Linda who was also staring at her at the moment.

Linda flashed Jessie a smile and then raised her glass of orange juice. She then took a sip.

Jessie started to wonder if it was Linda who arranged such a thing on purpose.

Devin had a crush on Jessie and Jessie knew it of course.

However, Jessie seldom talked to him.

There were two reasons for that.

First of all, Jessie didn't like Devin.

Second, she knew that men were eager to get things that they couldn't get at present. Jessie never refused Devin when he treated her well. Nevertheless, she had pretended not to understand him whenever he tried to confess his love.

The group easily figured out that Devin and Patricia were in room 1822.

Lenny was burning in rage as he rushed there along with his men.

He couldn't believe how reckless his son had been this time.

Devin was meant to take charge of the Nalan Clan in the future. However, this scandalous situation had ruined their immaculate image to everyone!

Even though he really liked a woman and wanted to have some intimate times with her, this wasn't the right moment for Devin to do such a thing!

It was his sister's engagement party tonight. How could he do something so shameful?

Lenny's disappointment with Devin was beyond decorum.

The Guest Service Manager of the hotel was also startled by what just happened. Thus, he personally fetched the key to open the door.

He was very confused. According to their plan, the people who should be appearing on that screen was the lady of the Mu Clan and Devin.

So how on earth did the Lady of the Zhuo Clan appear there instead?

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