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   Chapter 821 Why Not Bring A Pan

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Everyone in the hall let their eyes settle upon the big screen.

Lenny's face soured when he saw what was going on. All the guests were watching his son having sex with a woman!

He didn't know what to do or say at this moment.

Rosy was startled when she saw the screen.

'Brother? What's going on?'

"Turn off the video!" Lenny finally came to his senses.

Upon hearing Lenny's order, the servants of the Nalan Clan started moving. Some of them began to look for the remote control while the rest of them went to get the hotel staff.

Unfortunately, the hall was in a mess, so the video kept playing for some time.

It was a few minutes before the servants of the Nalan Clan stacked a few tables on top of each other, climbed up to the top, and disconnected the power supply cord of the screen.

By then, everyone in the hall had already seen the video and recognized the people who were in it.

Lenny and Rosy weren't the only two people who were panicking.

Patricia's parents, Holly and Jimmy, also heard people say that the woman in the video was the daughter of the Zhuo Clan. They were frightened and watched the video carefully to confirm it.

However, the woman in the video was on top of the man with her back to the camera. No one was able to see her face.

Not until Holly saw the scattered clothes on the floor did she realize that the woman must be her daughter—she recognized Patricia's pink dress at once.

Holly's heart was gripped by panic.

"What happened?" Holly asked her husband in confusion.

"Are you blind? Can't you see what's going on? This is all your fault. You've taught her to be a shameless woman!" Jimmy complained with a long face.

Before the video had begun playing, he had been chatting with his business partners. When those partners saw the video on the screen, one of them shot him a scornful smile and asked when his daughter had started acting in adult films. Jimmy felt so humiliated that he wished he could leave the place right now.

"What?! You're saying it's my fault? What do you mean by that?" Holly was fuming with rage. She hadn't expected Jimmy to talk to her like that.

Jimmy had only managed to develop his business with the help of Holly's family resources after getting married to her. As a result, he had always been careful and obedient to his wife. After all, Holly's

of a sudden, a man's voice rang through the air.

The Mu Security Team had arrived.

There were 25 people in total, so the HT Organization team was outnumbered.

Sam waved his arm and ordered, "Arrest them all!"

The men from the Mu Security Team were in full combat gear.

That was when Tiger finally realized that the Mu Security Team must have blocked the bridge. There were no passing cars at all.

Charles had informed the Traffic Police Corps to block the bridge long ago. People who wanted to go to the PD International Airport could take another road without getting delayed for their flight.

Charles' plan to catch all of the people from HT Organization on the bridge was successful.

Tiger still didn't know what was going on. He had guessed that there might be a few people protecting Anna on her way to the airport, but he hadn't expected to come face to face with 25 men armed with guns.

Jessie had known that Linda would arrange protection for Anna, so she had told the HT Organization to send more people to catch Anna. She had believed that a team would be enough to catch her.

But it seemed that she was wrong. Her plan had fallen through.

One of the men from the Mu Security Team thrust his gun against the back of Tiger's head and pushed him into the car. Then, he bound Tiger's hands behind his back.

Tiger's men were taken to different cars to be brought to the police station.

Finally, Brian took off his hood, his sunglasses, and the mask, and flashed Tiger a smile.

Tiger was startled. 'We've been fooled!' he thought.

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