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   Chapter 820 An Evil Plot

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"Go away!" Linda snapped at Adrian with a laugh.

In reaction to it, Adrian shook his head slowly and put on a sad face. He even clutched his chest as if Linda's words broke his heart.

"It makes my heart ache when you ask me to go away, My Lady. I'm here to send a secret message, but you..." He paused for a moment, and then dramatically wiped his nonexistent tears off. He looked funny while acting like this, and Linda couldn't help but feel amused with it.

After he left, Bun asked Linda, "My Lady, what are we going to do?"

Hearing Bun's question, Linda smiled and gave the hall a quick once-over. The sounds of glasses clinking and laughter could be heard all over the place. She then turned to Bun and said in a low voice, "As the saying goes, 'I will not move unless the enemy moves.' I'll wait until I find out what Patricia is plotting."

Bun heaved a sigh of relief and remained silent.

She knew Linda like the back of her hand. Since Linda looked so calm and composed tonight, she must have her own plans.

About ten minutes had passed, a waiter approached Linda with a tray of fruit juice and wine on it.

"My Lady, what would you like to drink?" asked the man respectfully.

Linda eyed the waiter from head to toe. He seemed to be really composed.

"Orange juice, please," she said.

The waiter poured a glass of orange juice for Linda and was about to leave when she stopped him and pointed to Bun.

"The Lady of the He Clan is also here. Why don't you serve her?" she asked.

Embarrassment flooded the waiter's face in an instant. He then shot Bun an apologetic look and served her. He had thought that Bun was just one of Linda's servants since Bun was standing beside Linda and not sitting on a chair.

"I'm really sorry, My Lady. I didn't know she is one of the guests. I was under the impression that she was your servant," the waiter said to Linda.

"Give her a glass of brandy," ordered Linda. She didn't blame the waiter for mistaking Bun as her servant at all. Rather, she just gave him a casual nod to let him know that it was okay.

However, Bun felt very weird. She was pregnant and thought that Linda would ask for a glass of juice for her. Why did she ask for brandy? Pregnant women shouldn't drink alcohol. Despite the confusion, Bun was still ghostly quiet as she took the glass from the waiter.

She was extremely loyal to Linda and believed that she would not harm her at any cost.

The waiter left after giving Bun the glass of brandy.

Linda looked at the orange juice in her hand and then turned to look at the brandy in Bun's hand.

Linda was exposed while her enemies were hidden. She needed to take extra caution. She turned to look at Patricia and caught the lady staring at her as well. Linda raised her glass as if she was proposing a toast and then took a sip of the juice.

On the other hand, Patricia immediately looked away like a child caught of doing something bad as soon as she met Linda's gaze.

That reaction

ht that she was just too nervous.

It was already 6:28 p.m. when the engagement party between Rosy and Becker began.

Rosy walked up to the podium in a white dress. She was dazzling and sleek at the same time. Her hair was in an updo and she was wearing a pair of chandelier earrings. She looked sophisticated with her light make-up and jacinth lipstick.

The guests couldn't help but appreciate Rosy's elegance. They all thought that she indeed deserved to be the eldest daughter of the Nalan Clan.

It was Rosy's important day, and she was successful in pretending to be a graceful lady. Those who didn't know her would be easily fooled by how she looked. Only the insiders like Linda and Bun knew what kind of dirty soul lived inside Rosy's perfectly innocent image.

Becker got on the podium as well. However, he was expressionless and cold. It was as if this celebration had nothing to do with him at all. Seeing that made Rosy really embarrassed.

"Ladies and gentlemen, thank you all for coming here tonight. As we all know, tonight is the engagement party of my daughter and Master Becker. On behalf of the..." Before Lenny could even finish his speech, the big screen behind him lighted up without any warning. Just a second after and a video started to play on it!

Lewd moans and groans of two people having rough sex instantly flooded everyone's ears. There were two lovers on the screen who were both sweating and panting as they wildly rode each other on the bed. They were both breathing heavily and sweating. Their naked bodies were rocking each other really hard as the sound of flesh slapping against another created a very uncomfortable background sound. Their moans were gradually turning to lustful screams as every thrust they were making became harder and harder. They were both getting there.

All the guests' eyes were suddenly wide! It was then that someone in the crowd yelled, "Oh my God! Aren't they the eldest son of the Nalan Clan and the daughter of the Zhuo Clan?"

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