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   Chapter 819 They Don't Get Along

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Patricia was taken aback by Devin's question, but she didn't let it show on her face. She simply nodded and replied, "Yes, I know her."

'Of course I know that bitch. I would be able to recognize her even if she turned into ash!" she said to herself.

The last time Patricia and Jessie met, Jessie had slapped her hard on the face to warn her to stay away from Rosy. That was why Patricia hadn't sought Rosy out yet even though she'd come here to attend her engagement party.

Lenny had sent an invitation to her father inviting the whole family, so she'd come here with her father, mother, and brother. She thought she could use this chance to get close to Rosy again.

Just then, Patricia accidentally stepped on a small stone. Since she was wearing high heels, she lost her balance. "Ahh!" she shouted as she was about to fall.

Devin immediately reached out his arms and deftly caught her around her waist.

However, everything happened so fast that Devin accidentally placed one of his hands on Patricia's breast. She flushed the moment she felt his touch.

"I...I'm sorry," said Devin as he withdrew his hand in embarrassment.

"That's fine. Thank you for catching me," replied Patricia, waving him off. Then, they continued walking to the banquet hall together.

Before Patricia could ask Devin the reason why he had brought up Jessie, Devin said, "After today's engagement ceremony, I want to have my father propose my engagement to Jessie to the Luos."

Patricia was shocked by the news.

Devin would very likely be the one to inherit the family fortune of the Nalan Clan.

She couldn't believe that he liked Jessie.

"Mr. Devin, are you in love with Jessie?" Patricia couldn't help but ask.

Devin made no attempt to conceal his feelings. "Yes. Jessie is a very pretty girl who is well-educated. I've loved her for a very long time. But I've always felt too shy to do anything about it and I'm afraid that she might turn me down. It would be better if my father brings it up."

Devin knew that Jessie and Rosy were best friends. When Patricia said that she was one of Rosy's best friends too, he assumed that Jessie and Rosy were close friends as well, so he thought that it was okay to tell Patricia about his thoughts.

In fact, there was one more reason why Devin was telling Patricia about it.

He wanted to ask Patricia to ask for Jessie's opinion on the engagement. If Jessie wanted to accept the match, everything would go well when his father raised the subject with the Luos. If Jessie didn't want to get engaged to him, there would be no need to ask his father to talk to the Luos in the first place. Since he was the master of the Nalan Clan, it would be a shame for him t

come and find you. He told me that someone is going to drug you through your drinks. A manager at this hotel is the uncle of a servant from the Zhuo Clan. Patricia paid him 50 grand to put drugs in your drinks."

Linda gave Adrian a glance and asked, "How did Becker find out about all this?"

"You don't need to know. I know that the Mu Clan has powerful resources, but the Wang Clan has its own resources as well," said Adrian proudly.

Linda was a little amused that Adrian was acting like a child who was very proud of something that he owned. "Okay, you have very powerful resources as well. But can you tell me what else will happen tonight?"

Linda wanted to know if any information had leaked about Rosy and Jessie's plan to abduct Anna.

But Adrian merely gave her a clueless look. "What else will happen?"

"You don't need to know, but you will know after tonight. I guess there's some information that the resources of your clan failed to provide you," Linda teased.

Hearing Linda's words, Adrian felt a little gloomy that Becker hadn't told him anything else.

The truth was, Linda had come to this engagement ceremony expecting to be sabotaged, so she had been alert and careful since the moment she'd walked into the RO Hotel. But she'd thought that Rosy would be the one to try and seize the chance to take her down. She'd never imagined that Patricia would be the one to take action.

Things were getting more and more interesting.

"Linda, I also heard that Jessie and Patricia don't get along with each other. Both of them are trying very hard to impress Rosy Nalan so that they can take the spot of her best friend. That's all I know. I have to head back to the film set now, so I won't be able to attend the ceremony. You have to handle the rest on your own," said Adrian.

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