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   Chapter 818 I Bet You Know Jessie Luo

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Linda looked at the three evening dresses that Charles had picked out. They all looked quite good.

"Bun, which one do you think will look the best on me?" she asked.

With her eyes on the three dresses, Bun pondered over it for a while and then smiled mischievously. A great idea had just struck her.

Linda looked at Bun in confusion. "What are you smiling about?"

Bun picked up the black evening dress. "My Lady, I suggest you put on this one."

'Black?' Linda was confused as she glanced at the black dress. Then, when she noticed the cunning expression on Bun's face, she finally understood what was going on in Bun's mind. It dawned on her that generally, women wouldn't wear black clothes to attend an engagement party or a wedding ceremony. Black wasn't a jubilant color. People usually wore black clothing to attend a funeral.

That was why Bun was advising Linda to wear the black one.

Linda gave Bun an appreciative nod and took the black dress from Bun's hands. "Bun, you can put on black clothes as well. Let's go together. We don't know whether the engagement party will go smoothly or not, so let's just make Rosy unhappy first."

Linda had gone shopping with Bun before. She had bought a lot of beautiful clothes for her, including some maternity dresses.

Bun's wardrobe was now filled with clothes in different styles and colors.

Usually, Bun would wear simple or casual clothes. She was used to wearing just a white T-shirt and jeans or a set of camouflage clothing.

As an army woman, Bun had a strong body that was resistant to many things including the weather. Even on cold winter days, she didn't need to wear a thick down jacket. A thin cotton coat would be warm enough for her.

Now, Bun returned to her bedroom and carefully selected a set of black clothes.

A driver was already waiting for them at the gate of the Mu Clan's villa. Linda and Bun got into the car and headed toward the RO Hotel.

Half an hour later, they arrived at the destination.

There was a huge crowd of people at the entrance of the hotel. A lot of well-dressed guests were elegantly walking into the hotel while a group of security guards were maintaining order, preventing uninvited guests from entering. A few reporters squeezed their way into the crowd and quickly took pictures of the celebrities.

It was indeed the biggest event that was happening in SH City today.

As soon as Linda and Bun got out of the car, an usher instantly approached them and led them into the hall.

Lenny Nalan was standing at the entrance and greeting every guest, his face glowing with happiness.

His smile, which stretched from ear to ear, showed how satisfied he was with this engagement. His daughter was getting engaged to Becker Wang, the successor of the Wang Clan. It was exactly what he had wished for for so long! He couldn't wait for Rosy and Becker to be wedded be

Moreover, any of them could be his future wife.

Unlike Rosy, who always enjoyed provoking people, Devin was a reserved and quiet man. He didn't like having quarrels with people.

Dressed in a white Western suit, he looked especially handsome today.

"Master Devin, nice to meet you," Patricia greeted Devin with a smile.

"Hello. It's nice to meet you, but... I'm sorry. Who are you?" Devin asked, furrowing his eyebrows in confusion. He hadn't expected this woman to suddenly greet him. She wasn't a familiar face at all.

"I'm Patricia Zhuo. I'm Rosy's friend."

Patricia couldn't help studying Devin's face as she talked to him. Much to her surprise, Rosy's elder brother turned out to be quite a good-looking man.

Among the rich young masters she had seen, Devin was one of the few men whose face was pleasing to her eyes. Her mother had introduced some rich young men to her, but they all looked disgusting. She would never want to marry any of those men. But now, the rich man in front of her had a face with fine features. He was emanating a graceful aura and looked like a bookish and polite gentleman. On top of all that, he was the son of the Nalan Clan and was probably the successor of the Nalan Clan's property.

Patricia thought that it would be good to get close to Devin Nalan too. Anyway, it would do her no harm to introduce herself to him.

"Oh, so you're my sister's friend. Welcome to the party," Devin replied, smiling politely. But the truth was, he thought that this woman was kind of strange. He had just smiled to her out of politeness earlier; he hadn't expected her to initiate a conversation and introduce herself.

Without thinking too much about it, Devin finished washing his hands and then walked to the hall with Patricia.

As he walked, he suddenly thought of something and asked, "Patricia? Um...since you're one of my sister's friends, I bet you know Jessie Luo too, right?"

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