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   Chapter 817 Before The Engagement Party

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"Honey, I need to go to work now. I'll leave Paul here to protect you," said Charles.

He had a lot of work to deal with in the company, and he had no difficulty in dealing with small fry like Rosy. As long as he figured out a plan, his men would carry it out perfectly.

"All right, Honey. Don't worry about me. I'm sure Rosy will have an unforgettable engagement party." Linda was smirking so broadly that her round eyes were reduced to slits. She looked like a lazy cat and Charles couldn't help but feel happy just looking at her.

The only person who wasn't happy now was Brian.

Anna was going to stay in the Mu Clan's villa for the next two days and wouldn't leave until everything was settled.

Brian put on Anna's down coat and a mask, grabbed her keys, and then left the villa with her backpack. While walking toward her car, he kept his head low. He got into the driver's seat and started the engine.

The men who had been keeping an eye on the Mu Clan's villa followed Anna's car. One of them immediately called their boss. The boss told them to continue to follow her and be ready to catch her when they were instructed to do so.

Jessie had given the HT Organization a million dollars to carry out the task of kidnapping Anna. She was determined to seize Anna this time.

All the people that the HT Organization had assigned to this task were elite fighters.

Jessie was a clever woman and knew that Linda's husband might be able to rescue Anna in time.

That was why she had asked the HT Organization to catch Anna by any means possible. She couldn't afford to be stopped by anyone. In Jessie's mind, Anna needed to pay the price for daring to seduce Rosy's fiance.

Since Brian kept his head down the whole time and Anna's down coat was big enough for him, no one found out that the person in Anna's car was actually a man. They just kept following the car.

When Brian arrived at Anna's apartment, he parked the car in the underground car park and then entered Anna's apartment.

After locking the door behind him, Brian took out the anti-sniffer device in Anna's backpack to check whether there were any monitoring devices in the apartment.

There was a chance

g a straight woman, Bun felt that Linda's beauty was beyond description.

"My Lady, you look gorgeous!" Bun praised.

"That's because you are a perfect make-up artist!"

"Come on, My Lady! Your skin is flawless. I only put on some foundation and lipstick. Wow, you must be an angel from above."

Although Bun used to be a military officer and seldom put on make-up, she had great make-up skills, much to everyone's surprise.

Linda was wearing what was popularly called nude make-up. Anyone who didn't know much about make-up would believe that she wasn't wearing any.

No wonder people said that a good make-up artist was like a plastic surgeon who could change a person dramatically just by using make-up tools. Linda believed that Bun could make a fortune if she became a make-up artist.

Linda was a pretty woman without make-up, and now, she looked even more beautiful.

After the make-up was done, Bun put Linda's hair in an elegant updo that made her look like a graceful empress.

"My Lady, it's time for you to select a dress," Bun said. She took out three evening dresses that Charles had picked out personally.

The first one was a long white lace dress that Linda would look both elegant and sexy in. The second was a little black dress, a couture evening dress of a famous French brand.

The third one was a long Tiffany blue dress. This shade of blue was so unique that Bun believed that Linda would be a sight to behold at the party.

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