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   Chapter 816 Brian Dressed Up In Drag

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With a bitter smile on her face, Anna said, "My Lady, I understand. Please don't worry about me. I'll be fine. I just need some more time to get over it."

"You mean that you need some more time to forget about your love for Becker? But Anna, it's not that you should forget about him. I think you just need to have more trust in Becker. Besides, you're at the right age to start a family with a man. Why not give Becker a chance and see if he's the right one?" Linda persuaded.

"The right one? My Lady, do you think Becker and I would be a good match?"

"As long as you both truly love each other, the two of you will be a good match," Linda said confidently as she stared at Anna, her eyes sparkling under the dim light.

"No, I don't think so." Anna shook her head gloomily.

"Why? What makes you think that?" Linda asked even though she already knew what was on Anna's mind.

She understood that from the moment Anna had fallen in love with Becker, an inferiority complex had set in Anna's heart.

Anna was just an orphan. She didn't come from a strong and rich clan that could match the Wang Clan's.

"I'm just an orphan while Becker is the successor of the Wang Clan. He needs a wife from a strong and wealthy family that can help his business flourish. I'm not that woman. How can I help him?"

"It's not your duty or responsibility to help Becker with his career. If a man has to depend on a woman for his career, then he's not a capable man. He wouldn't deserve your love."

"My Lady, it's not like that. Becker isn't just from a common rich family. His status is very high. There are a lot of things that he can't decide on his own because of his high status, like this engagement. I don't want to become a burden to him. I would rather give up on him while I still can."

"Trust Becker and his abilities. I think he'll handle it well. The only reason he's getting engaged with Rosy is to take over the Wang Clan's domestic business. This is a key step for him. After this step, he'll have more freedom to decide his life." Linda spoke her mind without any reservations. But now, it was up to Anna to make sense of things and come to a decision. After all, Linda couldn't interfere too much in Anna's personal affairs. Matters of the heart had to be decided by the people involved.

Linda rarely got the chance to sleep on the same bed with Anna and pour out her heart and soul to her, so she wanted to use this opportunity to make her points clear. But in the end, whatever decision Anna made, Linda would support her wholeheartedly.

Anna was a woman with a kind heart. Moreover, she was a talented and professional doctor. Even though she didn't have a strong background, in Linda's eyes, she was still good enough to match Becker.

Becker had never once said a word to belitt

ke Anna's.

Linda couldn't keep her eyes away from Brian as she was also eager to see the result.

Her eyes gleamed with amazement as she watched. She couldn't believe that Brian looked this beautiful after putting on the make-up and the wig.

He was indeed more beautiful than a woman!

On the other hand, Charles looked very calm and casual.

Brian's appearance didn't surprise him one bit.

Because the truth was, Charles had seen Brian dressed in drag twice in the past.

"Oh, my goodness! Brian, I'm sure that a lot of men will be smitten with you if they don't know that you're a man!" Linda exclaimed. Bun nodded in agreement. This was the first time she was seeing Brian wearing a woman's wig and make-up on his face.

Since Anna's hair was short, the wig was a short one too.

With the delicate make-up on his face and the short wig on his head, Brian looked like a vigorous young girl. Linda even doubted whether Brian had originally been a woman.

"Linda, don't make fun of me," Brian said with a bitter smile.

"Okay, Linda, no more jokes. It's time to go now. Brian, put on the mask and the cap first. Anna, give Brian your car keys and the keys to your house door. He'll stay at your house today. By the way, have you packed your luggage for your trip?"

Charles stopped their jokes and gave his instructions to everyone in a calm voice.

"Yes, I've packed my luggage. I kept it next to the wardrobe in my bedroom," Anna replied.

"Okay. Brian, go to Anna's house now. I'll ask someone to pick you up from Anna's house at about five o'clock this afternoon," said Charles.

Paul suddenly cut in to report, "Young Master, your guess is right. Our men told me that there are some people covertly hanging around outside the villa. They've been keeping a watchful eye on the gate since last night. I think they are stalking Anna."

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