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   Chapter 814 Set A Trap For Rosy

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Linda wasn't afraid of anyone at all. She would try her best to punish Rosy and prevent her from harming Anna.

"Bun, carry out a thorough investigation in secret and check what Rosy's plan is. Be careful not to let them discover that we're looking into this."

WSS was an omnipotent organization and the members were competent enough to successfully complete any task that was assigned to them.

Brian also ordered the Ho Clan's intelligence organization to help investigate this matter.

That organization had been built and developed by Brian, so it belonged to his own powerful force.

"No problem, My Lady. Give me half a day. I will use every means possible to find out about her plan." Bun nodded seriously. She was very worried about Anna and displeased about Rosy and Becker's engagement.

She swore that if she figured out Rosy's plot, she would definitely not let Rosy off.

After a short while, her determination paid off.

"My Lady, this really pisses me off! I got information from reliable sources that Rosy is colluding with a sinister underground gang called HT Organization, which has been committing all kinds of crimes like rape, abduction, robbery, and so on."

Resting her head on her left hand, Linda pondered over it quietly. "How powerful is this gang?"

"It is very influential and ranks second among all of the underground gangs in the city. I've learned that their boss is a woman," Brian replied.

The person who was in charge of the gang was a woman?

Linda found that a bit suspicious.

"If I'm not wrong, the woman who controls the gang is Jessie," Brian added. He knew a lot about underground gangs.

Linda nodded thoughtfully. It turned out that Jessie had helped Rosy once again.

Otherwise, Rosy could not have taken action so soon.

It seemed that Rosy was just an inane girl who could only ask others to help her plan plots all the time.

Linda began to wonder whether the gang was really under Jessie's power.

If so, Linda had greatly underestimated Jessie. Jessie had done a thorough job of hiding this matter from everyone. In fact, if she hadn't made use of the gang to help Rosy this time, the fact that she was the boss of an underworld gang would never have been discovered.

Linda thought that she should reacquaint herself with Jessie and revise her opinions on her.

"My Lady, what should we do now? Anna really can't go to LJ City now. It's too dangerous. The HT Organization is as powerful in LJ City as it is in SH City," Bun remarked anxiously.

Brian waved to Bun and flashed a reassuring smile at her. "Honey, come over to me."

Bun walked up to him and he gently drew her into his arms.

Bun was still frowning, worried that Anna would be in dang

ere arrested, Linda and Charles would ask people to spread the news to Rosy that the HT Organization members had taken Anna away so that Rosy would have a false sense of satisfaction and take further action.

Linda knew how clever Jessie was. If Jessie managed to abduct Anna, she would definitely kill her. That was why Linda wasn't going to go soft on her and Rosy; she wanted to try her best to catch them red-handed.

Even if Rosy could avoid being sent to prison because of her noble identity as the Lady of the Nalan Clan, Jessie, who wasn't from such a powerful background, wouldn't be able to escape the punishment.

After all, abduction was a serious crime.

If Jessie somehow did manage to escape punishment with the help of someone powerful, Linda would at least be able to out the identity of the person who was backing Jessie.

But since Bun was pregnant now, Linda couldn't let her take the risk of carrying out this task.

"It's a pity that Bun is pregnant now. Otherwise, I could set a trap for Rosy with Bun's help." Linda shook her head in disappointment.

In fact, if she had been a skilled fighter, she would definitely carry out this task on her own. But she wasn't, so she wouldn't be able to fight off the HT Organization members.

From everything she'd heard about them, they seemed to be strong and brutal. Anna was a weak woman just like her, so Linda didn't want to let Anna take the risk of facing them either. What if she got injured?

As far as she knew, Bun was the only person suited to carry out this task because she had received professional training and could protect herself while facing the HT Organization members. Unfortunately, she had her own baby issue to worry about now.

"Set a trap? Are you saying we can let Bun pretend to be Anna to trick the HT Organization members?"

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