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   Chapter 813 Rosy's Trick

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Anna's travel to LJ City was like one of the longest she was about to take. Her heart was heavy with just the thought of it. However, leaving would be her only option as she couldn't relax. More so, ease her emotional trauma from what was going on.

"All right. Remember to ask Paul to select two of the most skilled members of the Mu Security Team to follow her. I need her to come back safe and sound."

Since Anna decided to go to LJ City alone, Linda called Charles again and did what she can to assure her safety. Anna had been Linda's friend for a long time. Plus, Anna had always been there for her whenever she needed help.

Thus, Linda was very grateful to her and treated her with great importance.

"I'll make sure to have Paul send two reliable bodyguards to secretly protect Anna. No worries, okay? Nothing will go wrong."

Charles was aware of how clever Anna was. Sending too many guards to protect her would be a waste since it would give Anna more clues that she was being guarded. Therefore, Charles thought that it would be best to just arrange one or two people to follow her.

Of course, they didn't have any intention of letting Anna knew that they were around. All Charles wanted was for Anna to have a safe trip and enjoy her stay in LJ City.

Time flied and two days had passed by quickly. Linda spent most of her afternoons visiting Consuela for her driving lessons each day.

Actually, Consuela was worried at first that Linda might not want to learn driving anymore due to the incident that happened before. She could still remember having a student long ago who backed out after encountering a similar situation.

An unexpected accident occurred while her student was driving the coach's car. Later on, her student dropped off from her class and never dared try getting a license again.

However, Linda seemed to be very different from her past student. It was like she didn't even get scared of what happened at all.

Well, not many knew but Linda had already experienced fighting for her life inside a hospital. She had already been at the edge of death long ago. Would there be anything else more terrifying than that? Definitely none.

Two days after attending Consuela's class, Linda could now drive smoothly without anyone's help. Her progress was amazingly fast that Consuela didn't even have a word to describe it.

Linda was now taking over wider roads and she just needed a little more practice to consolidate the basic skills. Although theoretical knowledge such as parking, backing up, and driving were also very important, Consuela thought that it was more important for her student to have a hands-on experience.

With that in her mind, Consuela had asked Linda to learn Driving Test Three first ever since Linda started

going to LJ City.

Rosy was used to playing all kinds of tricks to get what she wanted. Thus, it was easy for her to find out where Anna was going and what flight she had booked.

What Rosy didn't expect though was that she wasn't the only one who could check on other people's information.

There was someone from Linda's side who could easily dig Rosy's details too if she wanted to.

Bun, for example.

Bun soon received a report from WSS. Moreover, she was also informed that Rosy had investigated Anna's whereabouts secretly. The news instantly alarmed her. What else could Rosy want? She was already about to be engaged to Becker. Wasn't that all she wanted? 'Why did she investigate Anna's flight information? Is she going to hurt Anna?' Bun thought.

Bun got more and more anxious. Thus, she immediately told the news to Linda.

"My Lady, I got some news here. Rosy had sent someone to check Anna's flights and they were able to trace Anna's detailed flight. I'm afraid that Anna will be in danger. What should we do now?"

Hearing Bun's words, Linda put her chin on her hands and began to think carefully.

"WSS' information couldn't be wrong. Rosy won't check Anna's flight if she is not having something in mind. She seems to be playing another dirty trick."

"That's true. So, what should we do now? Maybe we can send more people to protect Anna or tell Anna to quit her travel. Her safety is the most important thing after all. She's not familiar with LJ City. We can't just allow something to happen to her, right?" Bun said in a worried voice.

"I don't think Rosy will take actions in LJ City. If she really wants to do something, she would have done it when we were still at SH City," Linda analyzed and said.

"It seems that Anna has to quit her trip. Obviously, Rosy won't let her go so easily," Bun finally said.

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