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   Chapter 812 A Walk After Dinner

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Changdu Characters: 9702

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"Honey, I promise you that I'll stay by your side from now on. Besides, my grandfather is getting old, so I have to take over the Ho Clan's business now,"

Brian Ho said with a determined look in his eyes.

In the past, he had wanted to carry on with his missions in the military so that he could avoid getting involved in the business conflicts among his family members. But now, his family affairs were getting serious. To ensure a better future for Bun and their child together, Brian had to start taking responsibility for the family and try his best to overcome all the difficulties that would come their way.

Brian's grandfather, Lord Ho, had already named Brian as the successor of the Ho Clan's property. Generally, there wouldn't be any disputes about this, but it seemed that things were becoming complicated because of his uncle. Brian had an uncle who had been driven away from the Ho Clan by Lord Ho many years ago. Since the Ho Clan was a military family, every member of the Ho Clan was expected to become a soldier and contribute to the country. Brian's uncle, however, had dropped out of the army and become a deserter. His betrayal to the family and the country had made Lord Ho very angry and disappointed, so Lord Ho had sent Brian's uncle, as well as his wife and son, away from SH City. Brian's uncle was ordered to settle down in XJ Province, the remotest region of this country, and guard its borders.

Brian's uncle had been away from SH City for more than twenty years. In the beginning, he had promised that he would never come back to fight for the Ho Clan's property. He had obediently followed Lord Ho's order and didn't dare to take any action due to Lord Ho's power and great influence.

However, now that twenty years had passed, Lord Ho was getting old and his influence wasn't as great as before. On the other hand, Brian's uncle had led quite a good life by taking advantage of the name of the Ho Clan.

He had amassed a fortune and become stronger, so he was now planning to come back and fight for the Ho Clan's wealth.

Brian knew that the life ahead of him and Bun would be tough. He stared at Bun affectionately, his heart aching. They would have to go through a lot of difficulties together.

As an officer of the WSS organization, Bun had already gotten wind of the Ho Clan's family affairs. But she was willing to stand by Brian's side forever. She had made up her mind that no matter what Brian would have to face because of the Ho Clan's family conflicts, she would never leave him. He was the person she loved most in this world.

She would do everything in her power to support him and protect their child.

Since Bun and Brian were finally catching up and having a sweet reunion after being separated for a long time, Linda and Charles didn't want to interrupt them.

They let the couple enjoy their private romantic moments. Br

s seemed to have understood her reluctance from seeing the expression on her face. Then, he grabbed the invitation card from Linda's hands and tore it into pieces.

Linda was taken aback.

"Hey, you jerk! I didn't say I won't attend it. Why are you tearing it up? I don't want to go but I have to! I want to give Rosy Nalan a big surprise on her engagement party!"

"Never mind. Then just attend it and do what you want to do. Do you think that you won't be allowed to attend the party without an invitation card?" Charles asked.

Linda paused. Yes, he was right. Even without an invitation card, she still could attend it if she wanted to because she was the granddaughter of Lord Nalan too. She had the right to attend any event or party that the Nalan Clan hosted.

Then, she remembered something else and let out a deep sigh. "I bet Rosy must be on cloud nine at the moment because she will be formally engaged to Becker tomorrow. But my poor Anna...she must be in such a bad mood right now. She has asked for a leave and she's going to LJ City tomorrow. She wants to stay there alone for a few days to relax," she said gloomily.

"Don't worry. If she wants some private time, then just let her go alone. We can arrange some of our men to protect her in secret," Charles reassured Linda.

Linda thought that since both Becker and Rosy would be busy with their engagement party now, they wouldn't have the time to care about Anna or disturb her. The pace of life in LJ City was slow. It was a good place for tourists to unwind and get away from the great pressure of living in big cities like SH City.

The only worry in Linda's mind was that it was not safe enough at night in LJ City. Linda was afraid that Anna, being a beautiful woman traveling alone one her own, would come across some unexpected troubles. But after hearing Charles say that he would arrange for some men to protect Anna, she felt relieved.

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