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   Chapter 811 Brian's Promise

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It was like Rosy had cast a spell on Queenie. Their relationship seemed to be getting stronger and stronger.

On the eve of the engagement party, Queenie bought Rosy some jewels that cost ten million dollars.

The local media soon picked up on this piece of news and released it.

Linda, who saw the news and watched Rosy's interviews, found the whole affair really funny.

Not surprisingly, only major media outlets had managed to interview Rosy, "the Lady of the Nalan Clan." Linda had no doubt that Rosy thought that it was undignified to let herself be interviewed by small media outlets.

In the interviews, Rosy was full of affectation. When reporters asked her about the jewels, she feigned shock and said, "I never told you about the jewels. How do you know about that?"

After watching the news, Bun said angrily, "My Lady, can't you stop Becker? How can he throw Anna away and get engaged to Rosy instead?"

She felt angry because she was worried about Anna.

Anna hadn't left yet because she still had some matters to deal with here, but she was going to travel to LJ City on the date of the engagement party. She couldn't face the fact that Becker was going to get engaged to another woman.

Bun, who had once gone through a similar experience, couldn't help sympathizing with Anna and feeling angry at Becker on her behalf. Bun could never forget how Sarah had gotten in between her and Brian. It had been a painful experience for her.

Unfortunately, Rosy seemed a lot tougher than Sarah. It would be hard for Anna to deal with such an irksome woman.

Meanwhile, Linda and Bun had gotten an important piece of information from a detective.

Jessie was back.

Rosy always acted like a cat when she was alone, but with Jessie's support, she would turn into a tiger. Jessie was to Rosy what water was to fish.

"Don't worry. This doesn't mean that they're going to get married. Becker might have an important reason for doing all this. We just have to sit tight and wait to see what will happen," Linda said, trying to comfort Bun.

She genuinely didn't believe that Becker would get married to Rosy.

If Becker did indeed choose to marry Rosy of his own free will, Linda would have nothing to say to him.

The Wang Clan had just started their family business in China. Right now, they had no place here. They would need at least three to five years to stabilize their business and grow stronger.

But now, for the family business's sake, Becker might not have a choice.

While Linda and Bun were discussing this, Charles arrived home.

Bun started to te

d her arms around Brian and held tight. "You said these same words last time. You're just a big fat liar! I don't believe you!" she complained.

At first, Bun had been happy to see Brian, but she was gradually starting to feel angry and upset about the way he had left her months ago. The moment felt exceptionally bittersweet. Since he had been away for two months without contacting her at all, she had a really tough time.

On top of that, she had found out that she was pregnant after he left. She wanted to tell Brian immediately that he was going to be a father, but he wasn't here and she had no way of reaching him.

Although she had been full of grief these past two months, she had never shown her emotions in front of other people, not even Linda and Charles. She didn't want to bother them with her private affairs.

"Honey, trust me. This is my last mission. This is my last chance to contribute to our country. Look! I come back safely and then I'll never leave you again," Brian said comfortingly.

Bun's gaunt face broke his heart. He couldn't imagine how tough it must have been for her these past two months.

Other women usually put on weight after they got pregnant, but Bun seemed to have lost some weight.

"I trust you. I trust you. I trust you," Bun said weakly. Hearing her say it three times made Brian feel even more guilty.

Before, he hadn't kept his word to Bun because he had wanted to carry out his mission faithfully for the country.

But things were different now. Bun was pregnant. In the past, Brian hadn't been afraid to go on dangerous missions. But now, he had to try his best to protect Bun and the baby. If he was killed on a mission, how would she live for the rest of her life?

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