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   Chapter 810 The Rapacious Designs

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Worry was etched on Bun's face. She was feeling really anxious after hearing that Anna wanted to travel alone. She wanted to offer to accompany Anna, but as Linda's personal bodyguard, her top priority was to ensure Linda's safety, so she had to stay with Linda at all times. Besides, she was pregnant now, so she didn't know how much help she would be to Anna even if she could go along with her. Finding herself in a dilemma, Bun furrowed her eyebrows.

"Well, I can totally understand how Anna's feeling. She just wants to go out by herself for a distraction. Things have been too much for her lately. She won't be able to think things through if there are people around her, so just let her travel by herself. But what you can do is to ask Paul to send two members of the Mu Security Team to follow her secretly to keep her safe. They should be careful not to show up unless they really have to," Linda said calmly as if she had been planning this from the beginning.

Bun gave herself a knock on the head and replied hastily, "Oh, yes, you're right! My Lady, you're so thoughtful! Look at me! There is no way for my foolish brain to compare with yours." She let out a sigh of relief, and her face lit up with a big smile.

"I don't think you have a foolish brain. But you do have a baby brain right now." Linda gently poked Bun's abdomen with her finger. Now that Bun was a few months along in her pregnancy, her stomach appeared to be a bit bigger. The little baby must be growing up.

As Linda's finger moved along her abdomen, Bun looked down at her own stomach as well. Then, all of a sudden, a depressing thought hit her and she froze. 'I've been pregnant for weeks. Brian is going to be a father soon but he doesn't know anything about it since he's been off on his mission for two months now. It feels like a lifetime has passed since he left, but I still have no idea when he's going to come back. Why is he taking so long?'

On top secret missions like the one that Brian was in, it was forbidden to keep in touch with family members. Having trained in the military herself, Bun was more than familiar with this rule.

However, she couldn't help but complain about it in her mind.

'When that bad man finally comes back, I'm going to beat him up!' she thought. The thought made her relax a little.

Meanwhile at the Nalan Clan's residence, Lenny and Rosy led Queenie and Wesley into the living room where the four of them took their seats. They chatted as they waited for Becker to return from the washroom, exchanging polite remarks and laughter from time to time.

But half an hour passed and Becker still didn't return.

"Why hasn't Becker come back yet?" Queenie awkwardly wondered out loud, her face dripping with embarrassment. As she spoke, she turned and looked at Wesley, as if signaling him to do something about this embarrassment.

"Oh, never mind, my dear guest. Maybe it's his stomach that's keeping him long," replied Lenny politely with a smile on his face.

Then, he ordered his servants to go and find Becker to see if he needed any help. However, the servants soon came back with the news that Becker was nowhere to be found in the washroom.

After a moment of confusion, one of the servants said, "My Lord, the security guard at the gate said that Master Wang has left the residence."

"What?! Wait, when did he leave?" Queenie stood up abruptly in surprise. Her embarrassed face now had a hint of fury on it.

"My Lady, he said

o see that woman, Anna, ' Queenie thought to herself.

After that, all of them then walked toward the dining room. Becker felt like he was walking on pins and needles.

He couldn't help thinking about Anna all the time. However, he had no choice but to stay here with a girl he didn't like.

Rosy's seat was deliberately arranged next to Becker's, which was to everyone's satisfaction except Becker's. During the meal, Rosy showed her elegant and feminine side as much as she could to Becker.

Being a man, all Becker could see from a woman he didn't like was delicate affectation, nothing more. Although he hated everything Rosy was doing, he tried his best to be polite on the outside.

"We're planning to hold the engagement banquet the day after tomorrow. The time has been decided too. As for the hotel, how about the luxurious RO Hotel in SH City?" Lenny asked, shifting the conversation to the topic of the engagement.

The RO Hotel was the hotel where Charles and Linda had gotten engaged.

Wealth wasn't enough to book the hotel. One had to have power and the right influences.

Apart from the four biggest clans in SH City and the Nalan Clan, no one was eligible to hold an engagement banquet there.

"Of course. We are just guests. All the arrangements are up to you," both Queenie and Wesley replied almost simultaneously.

The two of them had come back only for their son's engagement. They were going to go back to Europe after that. After all, they had already put Becker in charge of the market in China.

"Oh, it's my pleasure to make the arrangements," Lenny smiled warmly.

Comparing to fighting everything from the scratch, the Wang Clan could easily and effortlessly expand its business in the Chinese market by relying on the power of the Nalan Clan.

On the other hand, the Nalan Clan had something to gain from the Wang Clan too. As an ambitious businessman, Lenny was not satisfied with the current state of the Nalan Clan's business in China. He wanted to expand their business abroad.

However, he knew little about the market abroad. That was why he needed the help of the Wang Clan who had already established their business there. Once their two clans became allies by marriage, everything would flow a lot more smoothly.

Nothing was better than a win-win situation.

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