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   Chapter 808 Just Answer me

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"Is Anna the one who asked you to stop me?" Becker asked, frowning.

"Sorry, sir. We can't tell you more," the man from the Mu Security Team answered.

Actually, Anna had told them that since Lord Nalan's condition was at a critical point now, no outsiders were allowed to enter the private hospital of the Mu clan today.

Of course, the Mu Security Team would always listen to her.

"All right," Becker replied reluctantly.

Every member of the Mu Security Team was standing guard in military uniform and armed with a gun.

Becker certainly wasn't going to start a fight with them, because it would be a stupid thing to do.

He just turned around and walked out of their sight. However, instead of leaving the hospital, he went to the back wall.

He chucked his suit jacket to the side, and then scaled the wall with ease.

Climbing a two-meter-high wall was just a piece of cake for him.

After all, every descendant of the four major clans would be sent to the army for training when they became an adult.

Although the Wang Clan had gone abroad for business, they still followed this tradition, so Becker had undergone military training as well.

Meanwhile, Anna was sitting in her office, upset.

She tried to prevent herself from thinking about Becker but to no avail.

It was dreadful to be lost in all kinds of guesses and fantasies. It prevented her from concentrating on writing her medical paper.

So after checking Lord Nalan's conditions, she decided to take an afternoon nap. Otherwise, she would just keep filling her head with nonsense and she really didn't want to do that.

Besides, she couldn't stop wondering about what Becker was doing right now. She guessed that he must be eating in harmony with Rosy and his parents as if they were all part of the same family. What was worse, he was going to be engaged to Rosy in a few days. Where the hell did Anna fit into all this? What did she mean to him?

However, sometimes the more you wanted to escape a situation, the harder it got. That was how it was for Anna.

There was a lounge in the backyard of the Mu clan's private hospital, so she decided to go there to take a nap. She hadn't slept well for the past few days.

When she got to the lounge, she pushed the door open and walked in.

Then, she took off her coat and hung it on the coat hanger. Just as she was about to lie down on the bed, she heard a movement behind her.

She quickly turned around and saw Becker's handsome face right in front of her.

"You! Get the hell out of here!"

Anna's face darkened at on

comfortable in Becker's arms...

but she'd already made up her mind.

She knew exactly why Becker's parents had come back.

They'd come to attend the engagement party. After all, Becker and Rosy were to be engaged in two days.

In the beginning, Anna had had a tinge of hope in her heart that Becker would go against his parents' wishes.

She'd hoped that he would break off his engagement with Rosy for her sake.

But now she realized that it was all just a daydream.

After all, what was her identity? An orphan? A doctor? To put it bluntly, she was just a servant of the Mu clan.

But what about Becker? As the Master of the Wang clan, one of the four major clans in SH City, Becker was of noble status.

And Rosy? Rosy was the Lady of the Nalan clan.

For the first time, Anna realized how humble she was. She didn't deserve a man like Becker.

"Anna, please... please don't ignore me..."

The atmosphere in the room was somewhat frozen, which made Becker feel a little scared. This was the first time he was seeing Anna so silent.

"Becker, can you stop teasing me, please?" Anna uttered in a trembling voice.

"I'm not teasing you, Anna. Believe me. I really like you... Please trust me. Can you give me some more time?" Becker suddenly felt a sharp pain in his heart.

"You like me, huh? Maybe you're telling the truth. But what difference does that make? You still can't go against your parents' wishes for me. Take today for example. You told me you'd take me out for lunch first, but then your parents told you to go along with them to meet Rosy, so you had to go, didn't you?"


I..." Becker stuttered. "Just answer me. Didn't you?!" Anna's voice suddenly grew louder.

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