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   Chapter 807 Becker Ignores Rosy

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Becker cast a casual glance at Rosy and then looked away.

He said nothing, which made Queenie and Wesley feel embarrassed.

Queenie knew that her dear son was angry at them due to what she demanded.

However, she couldn't do anything about that anymore. She didn't like the woman named Anna and wanted Rosy to be her daughter-in-law.

"Master Becker," Rosy called out in a soft voice and gave him a sweet smile.

This was not the first time they had met each other since Rosy had seen Becker shop with Anna in Seaport Mall before. Rosy thought that Becker would feel guilty this time. After all, he had shopped with another woman in front of his fiancee.

She was eager to hear the sweet words Becker would say to beg for her forgiveness. Just the thought of this flawless man begging her made Rosy feel hot between her thighs. She wanted him so bad.

However, things didn't go the way she wanted. It was to her utmost disappointment when Becker just turned a deaf ear to her as if she were invisible. She felt both angered and embarrassed.

She was not angry at Becker, of course. Instead, she cursed Anna in her mind.

She was on that emotional ruckus when she remembered Jessie's plan.

That bitch named Anna should be prepared to face her wrath since she dared to seduce her fiance. Revenge couldn't be sweeter for Rosy. In fact, she didn't even think that Anna could take her blow.

Rosy was looking forward to that day.

She wanted to see how Linda would look like once she saw Anna down on her knees.

Thinking about those things satisfied Rosy. Thus, she flashed a cunning smile.

"Where's the washroom?" Becker asked a servant casually. He wasn't even paying any attention to Rosy at all.

"It's about a hundred meters on your left," the servant answered honestly.

Without any further ado, Becker turned left and walked to the washroom silently.

"Master Becker,"

Rosy called out for the second time. Her voice sounded anxious now but Becker didn't even turn to look at her.

There were a lot of servants around them that witnessed how deliberately Becker ignored Rosy. Thus, she felt even more humiliated.

"Father, look at him!" Rosy complained while pouting her lips.

Tears welled up in her eyes, which made Queenie's heart immediately ache.

Rosy's mother and Queenie had been good friends. Rosy resembled her mother a lot and her looks reminded Queenie of her friend.

"My dearest girl, don't worry. You have

Master Becker? Did you see your fiancee? When are you two going to get married?"

Those words instantly made Becker sense something wrong and wonder, 'Shoot! Does Anna already know about it?'

"You already knew I had come here?" Becker asked.

"It's a piece of cake for me to know it. If I really wanted to, I could even easily know how many times you visit the toilet a day." Bun was a senior in WSS, and could easily have any information she needed.

"Does that mean that Anna knows I'm here?" Becker's heartbeat doubled.


replied Bun honestly.

'Damn it!

Anna must have gotten angrier at me!

I should've just told her everything, ' Becker thought.

"Linda, is Anna in the hospital now?" he turned to Linda and asked.

As a reaction, Linda just nodded.

She could read his anxious actions and believed that there must be some misunderstanding between Becker and Anna. She didn't think that he was stupid enough to invite Anna for lunch then suddenly stood her up.

She could only wish for the two to clear the air between them and make peace with each other again.

It was easy to see that Becker didn't like Rosy at all. More so, to be engaged with the woman.

After bidding goodbye, Becker left the Nalan Clan's house as fast as he could.

Upon arriving at the gates of Mu Clan's private hospital, Becker wanted to get inside but was blocked by Mu Security Team's men.

Richard had been assassinated before. In order to protect him, Charles had doubled his men to guard the hospital.

"Sir, you are not allowed to get in. We forbid outsiders from entering the hospital today," one of them said.

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