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   Chapter 806 Greeting

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Bun stopped talking as soon as she saw Anna entered the room. She was afraid that Anna would have overheard what she had said to Linda. Fortunately, judging from the look on Anna's face, Bun could tell that she didn't know what they had been talking about.

However, Linda wasn't like Bun. Thus, she thought that they shouldn't keep something like that from Anna. This woman deserved to know if Becker really lied to her.

"Anna, there's something I need to tell you and I think you'd better prepare yourself for it," said Linda seriously.

"Why? What's wrong, My Lady?" Curiosity showed on Anna's eyes upon asking.

She had noticed that Linda's face had darkened as she walked into the room. Nevertheless, she couldn't think of anything that Linda could possibly be upset about right now.

"Becker has gone to the Nalan Clan's house with his parents. They are already there and Lenny personally received them."

Anna's face turned a little pale upon hearing Linda's remark.

"Okay," she answered shortly. She didn't know how to respond to the news. Thus, 'Okay' was the only word she managed to say.

She felt very upset about Becker. Why couldn't he just be honest with her? It was given that he had told her that something had come up but she had never thought that what he had been talking about was meeting Rosy's parents.

Anna had always known that Becker was already engaged to Rosy. However, she had never expected for that fact to bother her this much until now.

Becker was a nobody but someone who just kept pestering her. In fact, she even found him very annoying sometimes. It was just that things went out of her control. She began to grow feelings for him as they spent more times together. Worse, she didn't even notice those things happening.

She didn't want to admit developing a feeling for someone whom she had just met.

However, it was undeniable as well that Becker's presence in her life had changed her in the most mysterious way. He succeeded in modifying her attitude towards relationship and marriage.

She had always thought that she would never fall for anyone. She was safe with the idea that she wouldn't get married too. But then, it seemed like fate had another plan or her. She met Becker.

Anna didn't like this kind of feeling. She was just like a baby who was beginning to walk. On her case, she was learning to love...slowly. However, Becker was a man who was engaged to the evil woman she hated the most, Rosy.

Shaking her head, Anna tried to stop herself from thinking about Becker. She then said with a forced smile, "It's getting late. Let's grab lunch together. The restaurant is very popular in the city and we might have to wait for an available table."

She took a quick glance at her watch. It was almost half past eleven. ·

"Okay, let's go," said Linda with a smile.

She was actually a little worried about Anna. Even though Anna didn't say anything, Linda still could sense that she was a little upset upon hearing the news.

Frankly, she knew that Anna might not have fallen in love with Becker yet. However, it was also possible that Anna might be on a stage when she was beginning to. She just wanted to protect Anna. It would

her future parents-in-law. As a junior, she knew that she had to wait after the elders finished greeting each other.

She had been spying for the right moment and finally found one to greet the two.

"Are you Rosy? You've really grown into a beautiful lady! Look at you!" replied Queenie.

As the Lady of the Nalan Clan, Rosy had received a good education. Thus, she exactly knew how to behave herself to gain someone's fondness.

She got that expertise, especially in front of the elders. She always behaved naturally and gracefully. Thus, most of the bowing acquaintances of hers thought that she was lovely and well-behaved.

She was wearing a pink dress with light make-up on her face. She looked like a woman of culture and taste to Queenie. Since her had her front teeth fixed for this special occasion, she responded to Queenie with a confident and sweet smile.

Queenie was perfectly content with Rosy's look and behavior. The ladies from the big clans had always been her first choice for daughter-in-law. She thought that they had great taste and they knew how to behave themselves in open occasions, unlike Anna.

Queenie had someone undertake an investigation on Anna before they returned to the country. Even though she hadn't gotten much information from the investigation, she had seen Anna's picture. Anna wasn't special. She was just an ordinary looking woman with short hair. ·

As a lady in a big clan, Queenie didn't think that Anna deserved her son. Thus, she didn't like her already even though they hadn't met yet. She always thought that her future daughter-in-law should be well-educated and elegant, like Rosy.

"Let's go inside first. It has been over ten years since the last time you returned to the country. We hold a reception lunch in your honor today. Let's catch up more over lunch," said Lenny as he led them to the dining room.

On the other hand, Becker didn't say anything. He just followed his parents behind.

He didn't even raise his head to take a glace at Rosy.

"Becker, come over here. This is Rosy. You two should get to know each other," said Queenie while waving at Becker.

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