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   Chapter 805 Becker's Movements

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Becker was about to lose his temper. He was at the brink of talking back to his mother when Wesley immediately stopped Queenie from saying more bad words to enrage Becker.

"Queenie, what are you doing? Stop speaking like that. You must be very tired after the long flight, right? Just take a rest for a while."

Wesley got annoyed as he heard his wife babble on and on. She had been doing non-stop since they came back and met their son.

In fact, Wesley didn't even care about what kind of woman his son would marry. The Wang Clan was very influential in Europe. Thus, it didn't really matter if Becker's future spouse would help their status or not.

It wouldn't impact them at all if they couldn't rely on the Nalan Clan to develop the business in the domestic market. The business might just grow slower without another clan backing them up. Nonetheless, no one was rushing, so it wasn't a big deal.

However, Queenie wasn't sharing the same stand as her husband.

She was from the Qiao Clan. The Nalan Clan's relationship with the Qiao Clan was closer and more friendly than that with the Wang Clan.

It was the Nalan Clan that helped the Qiao Clan overcome a business crisis many years ago.

It happened in that same year when Lord Nalan saved the young Becker from danger. Thus, Queenie would always be grateful to the Nalan Clan.

It was that overwhelming gratitude that made Queenie agree to this fixed marriage. The only way they could be relatives to the Nalan Clan was by marrying Becker to anyone from the Nalan Clan.

Wesley was in love and was afraid of his wife at the same time. Thus, he never opposed any of her decisions. However, he instantly felt sorry for his son upon seeing him got forced by Queenie to do something he didn't want.

He could only wish for Becker not become like him, a coward. His son deserved to have a married life which was different from his. Becker deserved to be happy and not manipulated by his wife.

"What am I doing? Did I say something wrong?" Queenie cast a sullen glance at Wesley and stopped speaking.

Becker was speechless with rage. He was actually in his best mood this morning because he already planned his whole day. He invited Anna for hotpot at noon and then watch a movie in the afternoon.

Although he wasn't Anna's boyfriend yet, Becker enjoyed every moment he spent with her.

It was with Anna that he understood what loving someone was all about. There was no doubt that Anna was his woman. She was basicall

huge smile. She was in a good mood.

"Wait for me for a few minutes. I need to get changed and go to the washroom."

Anna was used to wearing her white gown whenever she was working. However, She had to change since they would be going out.

Linda nodded at Anna. After Anna left, Bun gently tugged Linda's sleeve with her eyebrows furrowed. "My Lady, Anna said that Becker stood her up just now. I was so curious earlier that I ended up asking the WSS members to check Becker's whereabouts."

"Um? So where's Becker now?" Noticing Bun's expression, Linda felt that something unpleasant was about to happen.

"Becker is at the Nalan Clan's residence at this moment. Just now, Lenny came out to personally welcome Becker. Becker went there along with two people. I guess that they are his parents," replied Bun with a frown.

Bun was on good terms with Anna. Thus, it was just normal for her to care about Anna and consider the problem as if it was hers too. Becker told Anna earlier that he had to handle something and couldn't have lunch with her. However, he got to the Nalan Clan just now. What was he trying to do?

Linda's hand unconsciously moved to massage her temples. What was going on was beginning to puzzle her.

It was possible that Becker's parents arrived just to settle the upcoming engagement ceremony between Becker and Rosy.

That would be very annoying and disappointing if ever. Moreover, this would surely make Anna very unhappy.

Linda was about to say something when the door behind her untimely opened. Next thing they knew was that Anna stepped in with a huge grin while wearing her casual dress. She said, "Shall we go?"

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