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   Chapter 804 What If She Is Displeased With That

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 8209

Updated: 2019-05-21 00:15

Rosy was overwhelmed with joy because she was going to get engaged to Becker, but Becker was extremely depressed about it.

In the beginning, his only intention had been to return to SH City by taking advantage of his engagement with Rosy.

Becker had agreed to get engaged to Rosy purely in order to take over all of the business and financial power of the Wang Clan from his father.

Of course, according to his plan, his parents, Wesley Wang and Queenie Qiao, weren't supposed to come back to SH City yet.

He had planned to keep his parents away from SH City at least during the engagement stage. However, he hadn't expected things to spiral out of his control.

His mother had heard from someone that he was smitten with a woman after coming back from abroad and that he was totally ignoring Rosy.

Becker could easily guess that it was Lenny who had disclosed this matter to his mother.

After all, who else would be boring enough to think to tell Queenie Qiao about it?

Today, Becker was planning to go out with Anna. Anna was from SC Province and loved hotpot very much, so he wanted to take her to a hotpot restaurant where she could enjoy the authentic hotpot.

However, when he walked out of the Wang Clan's villa, he was surprised to see a black Rolls-Royce parked in front.

It seemed that his parents were back from abroad.

Sure enough, the car door opened and a noble lady stepped out of the car.

It was none other than Queenie Qiao, Becker's mother.

Queenie Qiao had successfully kept her skin in great condition. Even though she was in her old age, her skin still looked very smooth and white. In fact, she looked much younger than she really was.

Next, Wesley Wang, Becker's father, also got out of the car.

"Mother, father, why have you come back?" Becker felt a bit uneasy. Last night, he had made an international call to his parents and persuaded them not to come over to get involved in this matter. He had promised them that he would deal with the engagement in a good way. And they had seemed to believe his words, too. So now, he was really surprised to see them at the villa.

Queenie Qiao raised her head and looked at the Wang Clan's villa with a mixture of emotions on her face.

When they left decades ago, the Wang Clan's villa had been noble and magnificent. Now, it still looked the same.

Since a lot of time had passed, it looked quaint, even.

"Becker, we've come back to join your

ould never allow such a useless woman to marry into the Wang Clan and become her daughter-in-law.

"Are you threatening me?" Becker sounded enraged.

"I would never threaten you. Everything I do is for your own good." As far as Queenie Qiao was concerned, her words had been necessary for her son and the Wang Clan to have a promising prospect.

"Stop it. Don't make such rude remarks anymore." Wesley Wang finally spoke and intervened into the conversation.

Then, he turned to Becker.

"Becker, don't go out today. Your mother has already made an appointment with the Nalan Clan members. Let's go and have a meal together with them today. It won't take you a long time. What do you say?"

Becker clenched his fists more tightly and looked from his mother to his father. However, he couldn't do anything about it now, so he unclenched his fists and took a deep breath.

On the way to the Nalan Clan's residence, Becker got extremely morose. He secretly sent a message to Anna. "Anna, I'm sorry. I have something to deal with at the moment, so I can't have lunch with you today. Please get something to eat on your own. I'll keep you company tonight."

Anna's reply came almost immediately.

"Oh, no! You stood me up again. Screw you!"

Upon seeing Anna's message, Becker smiled slightly in amusement.

He thought that Anna was very cute even when she was angry at him.

When Queenie Qiao, who was sitting beside Becker, saw the smile on his face, she said, "Are you texting that woman, Anna? When we get to the Nalan Clan's residence, make sure Rosy doesn't see that. Got it? What if she is displeased with that?"

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