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   Chapter 803 Your Parents-in-law Will Join The Engagement Ceremony

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"The car keys," replied Jessie.

"The keys are inside the car."

"You should be careful in what you do or say. Mind your remarks. Stop being foolish and reckless just to displease others."

With these words, Jessie averted her gaze from Patricia and walked towards the Audi A8.

"Wait, Jessie! How about my photos?" Patricia turned to shout at Jessie.

However, Jessie just flashed her a smile and said, "Our clans have been friends for a long time, right? Your photos will not be seen by others as long as you're obedient to me. Otherwise, you will certainly come to no good end."

Then she got in the car and pulled out the car keys. After she locked the car, she left the underground parking lot and returned to Rosy's ward.

She then handed the keys to Rosy upon reaching the room.

"I came across Patricia downstairs when I went out to buy water for you. She asked me to return the keys to you. After all, it is your car and she feels inferior to you, so she thinks that she doesn't deserve to drive such a luxury car. She got afraid of being teased by others."

Annoyance instantly showed on Rosy's face due to what she heard. She glanced at the keys and uttered, "How dare she return something I gave her? She's both ungrateful and silly. It seems that she is really a disappointing coward who is good for nothing."

I let her drive my car since I pity her. I didn't expect her to be so timid that she didn't dare drive my Audi A8 around."

"Anyway, it is your car. We can't do anything about it if she doesn't want to accept it." A slight smile cracked Jessie's lips.

"Well, I can't drive now so why don't you take my car instead? Moreover, you might need the car to drive to other places since you just came back," Rosy said to Jessie.

"Well, okay. Thank you," responded Jessie with a satisfied grin.


Meanwhile, at the underground parking lot of the Nalan Clan's private hospital, Patricia had been sitting in a corner for over one hour. Hatred was eating her as she could still recall how Jessie slapped her twice today. Her face was still stinging from the assault and it kept fueling her anger.

No one in her clan slapped her before even though they didn't like her for being born a girl. This was the first time someone did it to her cruelly.

And she couldn't believe that who did it was exactly the same girl whom she was so jealous of, Jessie.

'I will never forget what you did to me today, Jessie. I will make y

can make any decision by yourself now."

"Oh! By the way, father. I'm afraid that Linda might destroy my engagement party. You see, Linda is really close to Adrian, and Adrian is Becker's nephew. I'm afraid that he might help Linda do something reckless. I'm so worried about that. Do you think that they'll do something to ruin the engagement party on that day?"

"It doesn't matter. This time, your parents-in-law will join the engagement ceremony. Thus, everything will go well. Stop worrying too much, okay?"

"That's great! Thank you, father."

After she talked with Lenny and confirmed that everything would be fine, Rosy happily went back to the Rosy's Garden.

She could feel how terrific Jessie's plan would be on that day.

She believed that she could definitely get back at Anna and vent her hatred at her by that time.

If she wanted to carry out the plan, the preparation needed to start now and it should be done in advance. She needed to keep moving now to make sure everything would go well.

Imagining that Anna would end up coming to a sticky end, Rosy chuckled to herself.

On the other hand, Jessie had been repeatedly warning Rosy not act suspiciously within the next few days.

Furthermore, she also advised Rosy not to provoke Linda anymore. Their scheme might get wasted if Linda found out about it.

Rosy decided to send someone to the Linda's Garden to secretly spy on Anna. She wanted to know where Anna lived. Knowing such information would be convenient for her plan.

Luckily, the spy that she hired was able to lurk in the Linda's Garden all the time and hadn't been discovered by others yet.

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