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   Chapter 802 When Did You Become So Bold

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The more Rosy thought about Becker's cold attitude, the angrier she became.

He had the time to go shopping with Anna but claimed that he was unavailable to come and visit his fiancee. He was being too ridiculous!

Although they were living in a modern society where everyone had the freedom to choose their spouse, that wasn't the case in wealthy families like the Wang Clan and the Nalan Clan, where the words of elders carried weight in deciding young people's marriages.

It was a successor's duty to choose a wife who could help him gain a firmer foothold in the world of business.

Rosy, of course, had some other choices too. There were a few other upper-class men who wanted to marry her so that they could get the Nalan Clan's support. But these men were not as charming and handsome as Becker was.

Money was not a problem for Rosy. She didn't want to simply marry a rich man.

All she wanted was to marry Becker. She'd fallen head over heels for his charming face. The truth was, the great power and wealth of the Wang Clan didn't matter to Rosy at all because they would only benefit her father and her brother. All she cared about was marrying a handsome man like Becker.

"Rosy, rest assured. Let me handle it,"

Jessie said to Rosy.

But Jessie had only just come back to SH City, so she didn't want to rush anything.

First, she had to get a clear picture of the situation so that she could come up with the perfect plan.

Not only was she going to deal with Anna, but she was also going to punish Patricia for provoking her. She seethed with anger when she recalled Patricia's smug face.

'Patricia, who do you think you are?

You want to replace me as Rosy's best friend? Hmph! I'll let you reap the consequences of your behavior," Jessie thought.

She wasn't going to let Patricia get away with it easily.

A plan began to brew in Jessie's mind. She was used to getting revenge on people. It wasn't difficult for her to come up with a scheme to get even with Patricia.

Meanwhile, Patricia was sitting in the driver's seat of the Audi A8. She wanted to leave this place and stay as far away as she could from Jessie, but her hands kept shaking and she couldn't even hold the steering wheel. She was overwhelmed by great fear.

She stared blankly at the high-end car given to her by Rosy, feeling sad. She felt like the Goddess of Luck was playing a joke on her. She had finally achieved something in her life by getting close to Rosy, but she'd once again been forced a step back by Jessie.

The memories of her past flooded her mind. She wondered how Jessie had gotten a hold of those photos.

Those memories were like a nig

abruptly. Patricia instantly started explaining in fear, "Jessie, I'm so sorry for what I did earlier. Please forgive my ignorance..."

Before she could finish her sentence, Jessie suddenly turned around and gave her a heavy slap on the face.

Losing her balance, Patricia fell back onto the ground.

"You're right. So you know that you're ignorant, huh?"

Jessie asked, wearing the same smile.

Patricia was lost in a daze after Jessie's heavy slap. She merely stared at Jessie, unable to find her voice. Tears sprung to her eyes because of the pain as well as the fear.

"Jessie, I..."

"When did you become so bold? Huh? How dare you try to drive a wedge between me and Rosy?"

Jessie's voice was soft and gentle, yet it sounded scarier than someone yelling in anger. Patricia got goosebumps all over her body when she heard Jessie's voice.

"No...I didn't. I would never dare to stir up trouble between you and Rosy!" Patricia hastily denied.

"You didn't? Are you saying that I misunderstood you?"

Jessie squatted down in front of Patricia. Then, she gave her another slap on the face, a much heavier one this time. Patricia could feel her head pounding in pain.

Jessie felt her hand ache too, but it felt good to give Patricia the punishment she deserved. Since she had those photos, she was sure that Patricia wouldn't dare to fight back now.

" didn't misunderstand me..." Patricia said.

"So? Speak clearly. Did you try to drive a wedge between us or not?"

"I'm sorry. Yes, I did. It's my mistake. I shouldn't have done anything to harm the friendship between you and Rosy. I won't do it again."

Finally feeling satisfied, Jessie stood up.

"Give me the keys."

Patricia furrowed her eyebrows in confusion and asked, "What keys?"

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