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   Chapter 801 I Have Many Ways To Deal With Her

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 9884

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Rosy answered, "It happened a few days ago. I ran into Anna on the bridge at the Nalan Clan's residence. I couldn't control my anger so I asked my servants to grab hold of her arms, and then I slapped her on the face. In the end, we had a fight and Anna dragged me down into the river with her.

You know I'm not good at swimming. I struggled to keep my head above the surface but that bitch kept pressing my head down into the water. I almost drowned to death! I passed out after that. When I woke up, I was in the hospital.

A while later, I felt an itch on my neck and realized that three pustules had popped up there. It's really horrible..."

Even now, recalling what she had experienced in the river that day made Rosy feel frightened. Her body was trembling slightly, as if she could still feel the water closing around her throat.

The horrible feeling of suffocation underwater was etched into her memory. She didn't want to experience such a thing ever again.

Thinking about it only made her hate Anna even more. 'That woman is insane! What if I'd really drowned and died?'

Jessie attentively listened to Rosy's narration of the story and quickly analyzed the possible causes of the three pustules on Rosy's neck. Although Jessie had been absent for the past few days, it wasn't difficult for her to deduce the truth from what Rosy had told her. After all, she was very intelligent.

"When I recover, I'll fire all these useless doctors in the Nalan Clan's private hospital! I was in so much pain that day but they all said that it didn't matter and that I would recover in a few days. But I've already been suffering for a week and it's getting even worse!"

Rosy complained again, furrowing her eyebrows in anger.

"Rosy, don't you think it's suspicious? Rove beetles are usually seen in the summer, but it's winter now! How is it possible for you to have rove beetle bites? Besides, rove beetles always come and go alone. Didn't you say that the three pustules on your neck must have been caused by dozens of rove beetles? How could you be attacked by a whole group of rove beetles when they don't even travel together? And how can you not even remember being attacked by such a big group of insects? It's ridiculous and impossible."

"What are you trying to say?" Rosy asked, confused.

"I mean, someone must have secretly harmed you on purpose. And the only suspect is Anna Xu, since she was the only one who had close contact with you that day," Jessie explained.

If Jessie's memory served her right, Anna was a very talented doctor.

Most doctors were familiar with biology and knew how the chemical components of certain species affected the human body. As a talented doctor, Anna must have rich knowledge in this subject. It would have been easy for her to play a wicked trick on Rosy if she'd had a chance to come in close contact with Rosy. Jessie was certain of her guess.

"You mean Anna Xu is the one who made

ay that the successor of the Wang Clan and the eldest daughter of the Nalan Clan were a match made in heaven!

A happy smile spread across her face as she daydreamed about that scene.

"Don't worry. I have many ways to help you deal with Anna Xu. She's not worth wasting your time on. But first, you have to be honest with me. Do you really want to marry Becker Wang?" Jessie asked.

That was her first concern, because she knew that this was only a marriage of convenience arranged by the elders of the two clans.

Rosy didn't actually have a say in it. So before she helped Rosy successfully get married to Becker, she wanted to know whether Rosy really wanted to marry Becker or not.

"Of course I want to marry Becker! Why would I not want it? Becker is such an excellent man. He's the successor of the Wang Clan's fortune. I will be the Lady of the Wang Clan if I become his wife!"

On top of that, Becker was a handsome man with a nice build. Rosy's biggest weakness was handsome men.

She felt her heart pounding when she thought of Becker's charming face and his well-toned body.

She really wanted to be hugged by Becker. She knew it would feel amazing to be in his arms.

"Okay, as long as it's your wish, I'll make it come true. I'll give my best wishes for your marriage with him. Don't worry about it. I will figure out a way to get Anna away from Becker,"

Jessie promised, nodding her head heavily to reassure Rosy.

Rosy felt relieved after hearing Jessie's words.

"But make sure she doesn't die a quick death. I want to torture her. How dare she steal my man! I have to make her experience something worse than death," Rosy said coldly, gritting her teeth.

But soon, her cold expression was replaced by sadness when she remembered how indifferent Becker was to her. He had been in SH City for a while now but he hadn't come to visit her even once.

'Why doesn't he pay any attention to me, his fiancee?' she thought angrily.

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