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   Chapter 800 The Photos On Her Phone

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Jessie wasn't going to let Patricia off because she remembered how smug Patricia had been earlier.

Now, it was Jessie's turn to fight back.

"Great! How about this, Patricia? Since Rosy hasn't fully recovered yet and she loves your cooking, it would be good for her to have congee for dinner too. There's a kitchen in the Nalan Clan's private hospital. I think you can just stay here and personally cook a pot of congee for Rosy,"

Jessie said in a calm voice, devoid of any emotion on her face.

Patricia looked straight into Jessie's eyes, trying to read her mind, but she couldn't. She became flustered, not knowing how Jessie was going to play her cards.

Jessie was wearing the same composed expression that she always did. Ever since they were kids, Jessie had been the smart, calm, and confident girl in the eyes of the adults of the Zhuo Clan and the Luo Clan. Patricia's parents had always compared Patricia to Jessie. They had always belittled Patricia while speaking highly of Jessie.

So having to face this calm and confident Jessie now made Patricia angry. She hated Jessie to the bone.

But she didn't know how to respond to Jessie's suggestion now. Burning with anxiety in her heart, she had no choice but to look at Rosy with a pitiful expression.

"Rosy, I really did make this bowl of congee by myself. I don't care whether Jessie believes me or not. I only hope that you know my sincerity and concern for you," she said, her voice trembling.

Rosy nodded, believing Patricia's words.

"Jessie, why don't you just let this pass? Why can't you believe that Patricia really cooked this congee for me? Are the ingredients in the congee that important? Please just tell me when you can cook some congee for me as well," Rosy said to Jessie.

"Fine. Whenever you want to have congee, I'll cook it for you," Jessie replied with a thin smile.

"Rosy, you're a patient and you need to rest in a quiet room. I think it's enough to have me here to keep you company," Patricia said, eager to get Jessie away from Rosy now.

She then turned to Jessie and urged with a polite smile, "Jessie, how about you go back home first? You've just come back from your trip and I'm sure you're already tired."

"Okay! That's so considerate of you," Jessie said in a sarcastic tone.

Then, she took out her phone from her handbag. She had her phone charged using a mobile power supply.

Patricia was shocked to hear Jessie agree to leave.

'Wait, that's strange. Why did Jessie agree to leave so easily?' she wondered.

Jessie quickly opened the photo gallery on her phone and scrolled down.

When she found the few photos that she was looking for, she immediately beckoned Patricia closer.

"Patricia, please come here. I have something to show you."

Patricia furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. 'What's Jes

sie explained calmly.

But her words were only half true. Anyway, it was unnecessary to let Rosy know which part was the truth and which part was a lie. Jessie only needed to make Rosy believe that she hadn't deliberately neglected her.

As long as Rosy believed her, everything would be fine.

"Okay, I trust you," Rosy said, feeling relaxed. Now that Jessie had come back and was caring for her like she'd used to, Rosy finally heaved a deep sigh of relief.

Rosy had been really miserable without Jessie. She felt depressed again when she recalled how much she had suffered.

"What happened to your neck?" Jessie asked with concern.

Since the misunderstanding between them had been cleared up, Jessie began to focus on Rosy's wounds. She'd only gotten to know that Rosy was in the hospital from seeing her WeChat Moments, so she was still unclear about the whole situation. But now, she noticed the white ointment on Rosy's neck.

"Oh, I really don't want to talk about it. I don't understand the reason yet. The doctor said that it was caused by rove beetles. But I can't remember any insect coming near me in the past week, let alone a rove beetle. The doctor also said that judging from the three pustules on my neck, I should have swatted dozens of rove beetles on my neck. But how is that possible?"

Rosy said in a gloomy voice.

Now that she'd mentioned the pustules, she suddenly felt the itch and pain again.

She couldn't rely on the ointment to help her reduce the pain. The effects of the medicine would soon wear off.

Moreover, this white ointment contained a lot of ingredients of Chinese medicine. It had a strong and pungent herbal smell, so she couldn't keep applying it on her neck.

Every time she breathed in the smell, she felt like vomiting.

"When did it happen?" Jessie couldn't help but think that the whole incident seemed very suspicious.

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