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   Chapter 799 Is It Millet Or Glutinous Rice

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Patricia strode toward Rosy's bed after hearing her enthusiastic greetings.

She slightly tilted her head and gave Jessie a triumphant smile as she walked past her.

"Rosy, are you hungry? Have you had your breakfast yet? I've brought you some congee. Would you like to have some now?" asked Patricia tenderly.

Amusingly, Rosy's stomach rumbled upon hearing those words. She actually hadn't eaten anything yet since she woke up. Thus, she waved at Patricia and said, "Yes, I'm hungry. Please give me the congee."

Seeing the two women act like they were really close friends made Jessie embarrassed. She couldn't help but feel like a third wheel!

She couldn't even get a chance to cut through their conversation, so she thought, 'What on earth happened while I was away? I've only been away from Rosy for two weeks. How did she become friends with Patrica, that stupid daughter of the Zhuo Clan?

How come they look so close to each other now? For Pete's sake! Am I the unwanted person here? That's ridiculous!'

Jessie wanted to say something but the two women didn't seem to pay her any attention at all. 'Lowlife! Patricia must have tried to win Rosy's trust by hook or by crook. Had she spoken ill of me while I'm away? Probably. I mean, why would even Rosy treat me this coldly if not.'

Despite her confusion about what was going on, Jessie didn't worry at all. She had a very firm relationship with Rosy and she was confident about it. It wouldn't be easy for Patricia to drive a wedge between them.

Rosy was now savoring the congee. She didn't expect that this congee with minced pork and preserved egg would be this delicious. It was even more delicious than the expensive food she usually ate at home or at the high-class restaurants. It must be because she was starving right now.

Catching a glimpse of the thermos container, she asked Patricia curiously, "The congee is really delicious. Where did you buy it? Did you cook it yourself?"

"Yes, I cooked it myself. I woke up early this morning and prepared the congee specially for you," said Patricia in a sincere voice.

Jessie couldn't help but chuckle under her breath. What a huge joke! Did Patricia really think that she could fool everyone? Jessie bet that being the daughter of Zhuo Clan, Patricia couldn't even boil water. That was when she finally found her chance to cut into the conversation.

"Really? Patricia, you can cook? But if my memory is serving me right, I remember that you don't even know how to heat a pot of water," Jessie said coldly.

"Yes, but that was then and this is now! I've learned to cook. What's the problem?" Patricia snorted unhappily as she shot Jessie a disdainful look. Then she added, "Why do you even need to ask? Do you think of me as a lazy girl who would stop improving myself?"

'Oh! So she's talking about self-improvement now?'

Jessie sneered inwardly.


was delicious anyway.

On the other hand, Jessie was rendered speechless when she saw how Rosy was enjoying the congee. She had tried asking Rosy to eat breakfast in KFC before but Rosy refused it. She insisted on having the food prepared by her chefs or housemaids.

She thought, 'Rosy, didn't you say that KFC is cheap and not suitable for upper-class ladies? Why are you enjoying that congee so much now?'

With an evil smile plastered on her lips, Jessie turned to Patricia again and asked, "That's wonderful! Can you tell me what type of rice is in this congee? Is it millet or glutinous rice?"

Patricia clenched her teeth and hesitated to answer. 'Glutinous rice is not easy to digest. So it should be millet...'

Intuitively, she answered, "Of course it's millet."

"Really? One of the ingredients of your congee is millet? Are you sure?" Jessie asked in a slow and gentle voice. However, it sent a shiver down Patricia's spine. The gentle tone Jessie used sounded like a demon's voice to her.

'Damn you, Jessie! What are you trying to do?' she silently cursed.

"Of course I'm sure about it!" replied Patricia while faking her calmness.

"But I think it's neither millet nor glutinous rice. Isn't it just some common rice? I just randomly gave you two choices. Why did you have to pick up one from them?"

"I said it is millet! I cooked it. Thus, I'm sure of it!" Patricia rolled her eyes to cover up how anxious she was. She could feel her fingers getting cold. However, she couldn't just take what she said back as doing so would make her look dumb. Thus, she took a deep breath and added, "Can you please stop bullying me, Jessie? It's getting irritating."

She had no choice but to carry on with the lie now. It would be too shameful if Rosy found out that she was lying.

She would leave a bad impression to Rosy and Rosy would never trust her anymore. No one would want a liar to be their friend.

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